Forget What The "Guru's" Are Doing!


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"Find someone who has what you want and do what they've done. " In the sometimes redundant land of personal development I bet you've heard that a thousand times before.

But. . .

From my own life experience I have a much different view on that statement.

To achieve success you don't need to do what they are doing you need to HAVE what they HAVE inside of them.

That's right. It makes no difference what they “do". In fact, chances are you won't be able to do what they do they way they do it anyway!

If it were the case that you only need to do the same things that someone else has done don't you think that we would see a lot more success stories?

And to go even further, part of what's made me so successful and allowed me to create such strong emotional and mental muscles was going through all of the struggles and adversity I went through.

Poverty, being brutally and mercilessly picked on and teased in school, drug and alcohol addictions at age 12 and on and on it goes.

I would NEVER recommend anyone go “do" that garbage but it is part of what helped me develop my character and allowed me to learn the truth about the statement “do what they do".

You need to have what I have. You need to have what the champion of the team has. You need to have what the successful entrepreneur has. You need to have what that awesome parent has.

You need to have what they have inside of them and then whatever you do will produce phenomenal results.

It's that magic that lives within you that allows you live an exciting life full of possibilities and new experiences. Sure there are certain mechanics that go along with the whole “doing" part of it but ask yourself this.

If you want to be a billionaire do you have to be a real estate mogul like trump? No way. What about all the billionaires that weren't real estate investors?

  • Mark Cuban
  • Bill Gates
  • Warren Buffet

They all “do" different things to acquire money yet they are all billionaires.

You just need to have what they have inside of them if you want to become a billionaire.

It's the new levels of energy when you crank it up that produce new levels of confidence and power inside your self.

It creates new resolve new skills and new abilities.

One way to attempt to get that is to mimic and model what they are doing.

But it all starts with raising your energy and getting that magic inside yourself so you can use it! More like becoming aware of it and cranking it up.

And the only way to do that is to bring your energy to new levels that you're not used to experiencing.

You MUST raise your energy to experience more power.

When your favorite song comes on the radio and you want more juice to jam out do you say crank it down?

No you say crank it up!

You raise the energy.

Because you cant do what they're doing until you have what they have.

It's only when you have that new level of energy that you have the power to push through to new experiences and reach further levels of success in your life.

You define that not someone else. One simple way to raise your energy is just to move your body more.

Seems overly simplistic but I have stacks of reports from people who say their life completely changed form this one simple action alone.

Try it. Raise your energy to get what it takes to have what success demands on the inside then do what YOU do.

It's a simple recipe that creates a life experience where failure is virtually impossible.

A great way to live by anyones standards. . .

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