The Road Less Traveled

Curt Fletcher

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As I think about the different choices we make and how we decide what fork to take on the road of life, ‘The Road Less Traveled" keeps popping up in my mind. I can't seem to shake this title. As I think about the meaning behind these words, I began to reflect on my life.

I thought of how life is full of so many choices and opportunities and how we hold the key to each door that we choose to open. I thought back to the decisions that I made, and those that I didn't. As I write this, I think of what the future holds and how I will respond.

Throughout our lives, we are faced with many challenges, choices, opportunities, and hardships. It is in those moments of decision that we define our future.

When faced with a challenge how do you respond? Do you step up, get focused and meet the challenge head on with confidence and excitement? Or do you grow cautious with anxiety over the fear of failure?

You see, the fear of failure is the leading reason that most people settle for lives of mediocrity. This fear grabs you and eats away at your confidence, leaving you stripped of hope and desire. The fear of failure is something that every person has; it just may mean different things for different people.

This fear of failure prevents many people from attempting to improve themselves. From applying for a new job, attempting new things, embracing change, or pursuing your dreams.

The road less traveled defines those individuals that when faced with adversity, hardship, and change respond with courage, confidence, and charisma. These individuals feel this same fear of failure, but they choose to face it and overcome it.

As I think back on my life, I remember always wanting to do the opposite of what everyone else was doing. If my co-workers arrived at work on time or a few minutes late, I would arrive an hour early. When nobody would volunteer for an activity, I would be the first to stand. If everyone was being negative, I would be positive.

In my teenage years, I often had to travel the longer more difficult path to my desired destination, not because I sought that out, but because the easy road never seemed to come my way. I believe these are the years that have become the springboard for my determination to succeed.

We all face adversity and go through hard times. It is important to rise up from these moments that test our will. Stare down the anger, sadness, and frustration that you feel. Use these moments as fuel that ignite your fire to future success. It is in the hard moments in our lives that we grow as people. In times like this, we gain the strength to persevere with new knowledge and experience.

Look around you at work, what do you see? A group full of future CEO's or a group of dazed individuals going through the motions of the day?

Many people dislike the very thought of getting out of bed to begin their day. They dread going to work and do as little actual work as they can get by with at their job as they count down the time to go home. Then, when they get home, they plop on the couch, watch some TV and go to bed. It's no wonder that depression is at an all time high.

I challenge you to take the Road Less Traveled. To be successful you have to want it bad enough to challenge yourself to be different. Wake up each day with a positive outlook, do what other people don't want to, volunteer yourself for a difficult job task, but most of all allow yourself to dream.

If you can dream it, you can do it.

Your Goal this month:

1) Make a list of your daily activities.

2) Be observant of your co-workers habits. Write down a list of items that they do each day.

3) Create a new list of daily activities that reflect improvements from what your co-workers are doing.

4) Think back on your life and single out a couple key moments that have had a significant impact on your life. Do any of these situations still effect you? Does it fuel your desire for success or bog you down in mediocrity?

5) Write down your greatest fears. Why do you fear this? Begin to turn your fear from a weakness to a strength.

Curt Fletcher, is the author of several books about increasing your likeability, selling homes, creating success, and improving your life. His goal is to help people gain confidence in their own abilities and maximize their full potential in creating success, wealth and happiness. To book Curt for a meeting, conference, or event, contact Curt Fletcher Success Strategies via email


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