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When you start looking for free hypnosis scripts, most people will begin with their favorite search engine. This can be a good way to track down free scripts but many sites that promise things for free then go on to do their level best to sell you items. Which is only fair as they need to make money somewhere.

You need to check the quality of any hypnosis script you get for free. After all, it's your mind that will be affected and even a seemingly innocent change in words can be enough to make a script less effective or move it in a direction that you don't want to take.

So make sure that you check out the credentials of the person offering you a free script. Or a paid one, for that matter. Have they had hypnosis training? Do they have any letters after their name and, if so, do these letters mean anything?

Due diligence is the name of the day. There are top quality free hypnosis scripts available for download. You just need to track them down.

Typically, you will need to record a free script before you can use it. It's not easy to read from a script when you're hypnotized and your eyes are closed.

If you don't want to go to the time and effort of recording the scripts you find, look out for free hypnosis mp3's instead. They can be a great introduction to the power of hypnosis and you can use them on yourself or on others around you.

Check out these free hypnosis MP3s and other free information on hypnosis.


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