Seven Steps to Face a Tough Time

Jim Somchai

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Life is filled with ups and downs. We have both good time and bad time. This is why it is so interesting to lead a life. Imagine if all our life consist only normal and fine environment. We get everything easy and do not have any hurdle to cross. And it is like that until the end of our life. Don’t you think that it will be boring? Without obstacles, life will have no fulfillment. And fulfillment is what we want most in order to grow. So when tough time comes, embrace it with joy. Acknowledge that this is a gift to make us grow beyond we have imagined. Finding a way to overcome it is our assignment. In this article, we will talk about what to do when tough time comes into your life and how to overcome it.

Before we go into the steps of facing a tough time, let’s talk about one of the prerequisite properties that are needed for facing the tough time. This is because without this, it will be a lot more difficult for you to cope with the problem. It is your physical health. You need to have enough energy and vitality enough to face the problem. Some may ask what if the problem is on health itself. In that case, we need to go to separate section on mind only since your body may not function very well. Therefore, don’t wait until your physical gets into trouble since we can not replace it. We can not discard our body like most part of our lives. Some of the illness can not be cured but can be prevented. Learn on that. Find the way to live with the least possible sickness must be one of our goals if we want to enjoy life the fullest. There are only a few chapters we need to know on keeping our health well. They are your knowledge on food, drink, and exercise. Learning on how to have good nutrition, what to drink and what not and how to exercise will be essential in the process.

The steps on facing the tough time include:

1 Be ready in your mind. Your mindset will be the first guard to the reaction you have toward the tough time. We have to understand that this is normal and we need to deal with it by using reasons more than emotion. Once we understand the nature of life, we will not complain. We will courageously face the problem with the ready mind.

2 Write down the problems. You may have more than one single problem. Write all of them down. We may not be able to solve it if we can not see it clearly. Some of the problems may not even be the problems at all after they are written down. Be specific on the problem. After you see it you may be able to see that a lot of problems are more emotional than real problems.

3 Write down all possible solutions. Make analysis on the situation and see what you can do to solve the problem. In this step, we will need some creativity so that we can perform effectively. Do not use reason much on this step. Just see what to do if everything is possible. Try not to limit yourself in the old method of thinking. Think wildly. Get as many choices as you can.

4 Select what is the best choice of yours. See it without prejudice. Einstein said “We can not solve the problem with the same type of thinking that creates it”. Be aware of that. Some of the choices may seem to be difficult or even impossible. However, most of the practical solution in lives comes from the impossible choices.

5 Write down the step and plan what to do. May be part of your plan needs helps from other people. It normally does. Write down how you are going to approach those people. Write down the time frame for each activity. Write different scenarios if the preceding steps do not work, what will be your alternatives. See it in every angles.

6 Take actions! Do it massively. Evaluate it on the way. Come back to the plan and revise it if you need to. Evaluate it everyday how much you progress in the steps and what you need to improved. Reviewing it daily will not only help you know the situation but also motivate you to do something everyday.

7 Do not stop until the problem is solved. Do not give up. Be persistence on your determination and action. This will enhance your possibilities of helping you out of your tough time.

We all are destined to face tough time one way or another. Seven steps here will help you systematically. You will be able to get out of your tough time easier than you normally do.

Jim Somchai
Managing Director of JimSomchai Company.
He devotes his time in studying success and has been interested in the works of many personal development leaders.



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