Twelve Qualities of Spirit - Freedom - Part One

Peri Coeurtney Enkin

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The people who feel the most freedom in their lives have tapped into one or more of the six factors I am going to share with you today.

Once you know about these six factors and practice putting them to use in your own life, feeling stuck, trapped, imprisoned or dis-empowered in any way will no longer be acceptable to you. And when you do feel a loss of freedom you will know exactly what to do about it!


The single most important thing to remember when you want to increase your experience of freedom is this: Your personal freedom has nothing to do with another person. If you think someone else is restricting, confining or inhibiting your freedom you have trapped yourself. Regardless of the specific circumstances or conditions, what you choose to focus upon determines your freedom. An untrained mind is more likely the culprit. Your mind that is - not the mind that belongs to someone else!

Nobody, and I mean nobody is in charge of your thoughts or feelings. You get to choose your thoughts and you get to have your own feelings. While others might try hard to convince you of what you “should" think and feel the final decision belongs to you.

You can choose thoughts that feel imprisoning or liberating. And your choices are made from your own center inside your own self. If you do not know the centered place I am talking about I suggest claiming your own center as your first priority.


I will never forget the title of a book by Terry Cole-Whittaker that was first published back in the seventies ~ What You Think of Me is None of My Business. I offer this title for use whenever you find yourself under the spell of another persons comments or reactions.

Other peoples ideas and perceptions about you tell you a whole lot more about who they are and say much less about you. It does not matter if the comments are positive or negative ones. People make up stories. We all do.

One day you are the heroine in some bodies love story. The next day you might find yourself the enemy in their melodrama. What changed in their thinking you wonder? If you are with a fellow traveler who genuinely wants to learn and grow with you, this is a good topic for shared exploration. Without consciousness you could go quite crazy if you base your reality on another persons fickle thoughts about you.

Thoughts change. Your Freedom is Consistent!

Yes, it is wonderful when someone really gets you. And it is so enlivening when people see and celebrate our positive qualities. But beware the Pedestal. The Pit is likely around the corner. And you do not want your freedom dependent upon another persons transitory opinions do you?

I tell my clients, my friends and those in my intimate circle - No pedestal or pit for me. If you place me up high I will dig my own hole and happily step into it before you need to put me there. I choose to be whole - fully and freely human. In this way I am free to change and stay current with my own unfolding.


The stories you make up about another person may be accurate or not. We human beings have a tendency to run intricate and involved movies in our heads in order to justify our own actions and behaviors. We think we are keeping ourselves safe by blaming other people for our own feelings of unhappiness. Actually we are merely being lazy about tending to our own consciousness. So sorry but it is true!

When we project our own internal taskmaster onto someone else we stay locked up. To break free we need to take responsibility for the feelings our own thoughts are generating. Let other people off the hook and stop using them as an excuse for your own misery.

TO CONTINUE: Freedom is a wonderful and huge topic! Please join me for a continuation of this article in The Twelve Qualities of Spirit: Freedom ~ Part Two where I bring you three additional factors for freedom and more.

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