I Couldn't Finish the London Marathon Because It Was Too Hot

Anja Merret

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Officials of the London Marathon think this year could be a record in terms of heat on the day of the race. It is expected that the anticipated 23C could break the record temperature of 21C recorded in 1996.

This is great news for me because it means that I can blame the weather for not being able to finish the marathon due to extreme heat. In fact it is a great warning for me, so I best not even start, after all people die on days like these while not even exercising. Can't take a chance at my age. Actually I haven't trained or entered the London Marathon. I am just imagining a possible scenario here.

We love to blame events, the weather, other people, the car broke down, the trains didn't run on time. Millions of blaming excuses. I'm sure you can think of many many more that you have fished out at the appropriate moment to avoid admitting that you messed up, bombed out, didn't deliver, let somebody down, let yourself down and many more reasons.

I know that I have often used the blaming game to avoid facing my responsibilities towards myself. Because the biggest problem with the blaming game is that it hurts you more than anybody else. You see nobody really cares whether the car broke down and that's why you are late to your appointment, or you didn't make it to the birth of your child in time, or you missed something else of importance. Other people will inevitably shrug it off. The person with the guilt trip is you. You beat yourself up about what you have not delivered. And you think that what will make you feel better is if you blame something or somebody else. You also think that others will think better of you if you had some kind of serious excuse that allows you to blame an external event for not being able to deliver.

We get used to blaming. Because not only does blaming stop us from delivering on the little events in our life, it also stops us with the big issues. We don't move on with our careers because we had a bad experience with a previous boss, we don't try our hand at a business because we couldn't get a loan for a motor vehicle, so we are now not going to approach a bank to apply for a business loan. You will have many that you can find in your own vocabulary of blame examples. Our greatest ones are blaming our parents, families, the school we went to, the teachers, the janitor and the list goes on. Even the young disturbed person who shot and killed 32 young people and then himself at Virginia Tech just recently, had a list of people, organisations, arbitrary members of society whom he blamed for his deadly deed. His blaming efforts are obviously extreme. And possibly you couldn't even be able to identify with this example. When you put blame, nobody gets killed. Fair enough, but possibly, to a lesser degree your life was stopped in its tracks due to the blaming exercises and it meant that you couldn't move on and grow to be the individual which you were meant to be.

Many years ago, during a week-end retreat, I took part in an exercise to help me with my self-development. I had to write down a list of things and people I blamed. Then next to these people or things, I had to write why I blamed them or resented them - which is really another way of blaming somebody, and then next to that the number of years I had carried that grudge or resentment. It was quite a scary exercise. And the next part of the exercise was to look at this list again and evaluate how these resentments had kept me back from living my life to the fullest. That was an even bigger shock. Try it yourself sometime. Start with something that happened to you in school such as your best friend copied your work and submitted it. She got an excellent result and you were punished for copying somebody's work. This is obviously just an example. Find your own, and then work out how many years you carried a grudge and what did it stop you from achieving in the years thereafter.

Moving forward in your life means stopping the blaming game, leaving the grudges behind, and burying the grudges. If you are unhappy with your life, feeling that you could be achieving more, disenchanted, wondering what went wrong and many more of those feelings that make you discontent, then have a look at the blaming you do.

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