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The secret to getting and enjoying everything you want in life is being positive. How many times have you heard that or some variation of that statement? It almost makes you sick. You probably have even said something like, “how can you be so positive all the time?”

We tend to look at people who are bright and cheery and positive as air heads or as people who don't live in reality. We tend to look at people who seem to have less than we do and think there is no way they can really be that happy and positive.

Then we surround ourselves with people who feel and think the same way. Then comes the ever popular saying “its so hard to be positive. ” What a crock!

Its only hard to be positive because we keep telling ourselves that it so hard. When in fact, in truth, it is much harder to be negative. Think about all that comes with being negative. Poor finances, ruined marriages, torn families, war, hatred for fellow your fellow man, etc.

Now do you think it is easier to live with poor finances, bankruptcy, bill collectors than it is to have an abundance of money with bills always paid on time and you having the ability to afford the things you want and need? How about having a happy and strong family vs a divorce and ripping families apart and deciding visitation for the kids. Is divorce easier than staying happily married?

Right now the country is gripped in a war on terror which is born of hatred for fellow man. Now I ask you is this war easier to do, easier to handle than peace? Does the hatred born of bigotry easier to handle and live with than loving your neighbor simply because he is human?

I could go on and on but I think you get the picture. But I will give you one more example. It is proven that it takes more energy, more muscles in your face to frown than it does to smile. So is being sad or miserable easier than being positive?

There is this theory of the “law of attraction” out there that has gotten a lot of press lately. Some of it good, some of it bad. The point of this law is that you become and do what you think about. If you think negative, then more negative things will happen to you and those around you. If you think positive then more positive things will happen to you and those around you.

To put it simply, think of this law as focus. When you think of something, be it negative or positive, you are focusing your energy (both forms of energy, the physical and the mental) on that particular thought. You start to manifest those thoughts into reality, into the physical.

Lets say you want a new car. You decide that you want a yellow Chevy. Now yellow may not be a popular color for cars and there may not be many yellow Chevy's on the road but all of a sudden you start to notice yellow cars and more in particular, yellow Chevy's Now if you take the law of attraction to its absurdity, did you attract those yellow cars?

No, of course not. If you take the law of attraction as it really is, you have simply focused your mind in such a way that it now is open to noticing the yellow cars that were there all along but you just ignored them.

So it is with positive thought. You begin to think in a positive way and your mind will focus its energy on the positive. You will begin to notice more positive things happening in your life. In reality those positive things have always been around you but you did not notice them. But there is a bonus to this positive thinking. Because positive attracts positive (as negative attracts negative) you notice more good things happening to you and those around you. You seem to have more energy. Your health may even improve without you making any drastic changes. You mind is sharper and more focused. You tend to shy away from those who are negative and you start to drop your negative habits and you avoid the negative places you used to frequent.

When you want to do something because you love doing it, don't you always find the energy and money to do that which you love, the thing that makes you feel good all over? Take the avid fisherman. This guy has a hard time getting up at 8 AM Monday through Friday even though he got 9 hours of sleep the night before. Why is that? Because he hates his job.

But then Saturday comes along and he bounces out of bed at 5 AM wide awake, even though he went to bed at midnight. Why is this? Because he loves fishing. It makes him feel good all over. Now what if he could put that kind of love, focus and energy into his job or business? Well then he would feel wonderful 6 or 7 days of the week instead of only 1 or 2. Many of us live 7 days a week look forward to only 2 of them. How sad is that.

If you find yourself with low energy, poor health, low self esteem, envy of co-workers or any other negative activity in your life, ask yourself this; am I “attracting” this negativity into my life? Then look at the outcome of such a negative focus. Is it easier to live with than a more positive outcome? Once you realize that positive is so much easier and healthier, you will need to search out how to be more positive. Once you start down the positive road you will notice that day by day it gets easier and easier and you notice more and more good appearing in your life.

Try it, what have you got to lose but negativ

Rodney Eccles, TMC is a professional life, business and executive coach. He helps those see the positive in their life and teaches them how to focus on the positive. He is the founder of Pinnacle Life Coaching. He can be reached at . He lives in New England and has two adult sons.


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