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What Is The Question That Could Transform Your Life?


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Questions can be very powerful. Creating a new vision for our lives often begins when we start to ask questions. At times the questions may be simple, at other times difficult. The answers may be very apparent or somewhat elusive. The common thread that runs through them all is the ability of a question to open our eyes to a never before imagined future.

Imagine the power of the question of a sailor in the late 1400’s looking out at the Atlantic Ocean. “What if the world is not flat?” The courage to ask the question changed the world.

In 1853 a young German immigrant traveled to San Francisco. He was going to supply canvas for covered wagons. A prospector said, “We don’t need that; we need pants that can hold up out here in the gold fields. ” The young immigrant thought, “Why not make the canvas into pants?” He did. No one liked them. A failure? No. It was the start of another question. The pants were too coarse; they chaffed. Why not? Why not substitute another fabric? He did and his pants are still loved today. Levi Strauss made his pants out of denim. A simple question asked. The legacy of it continues.

How would your future change if you asked the questions and found the answers? How would it feel to do something you loved? How would life change if you felt a passion for your work? How would it feel to have time with your family – not only small moments, but big chunks of time? How would it change your life to be living every moment true to your values? What would be the first step you would need to take to make it so?

A new future, a new life begins with one small step. What is the question you need to ask today? It just might change your life!

Melissa McCutcheon is a personal life coach and a licensed clinical counselor. She specializes in coaching people in life transitions to rediscover their passions and strengths to create new and joy filled lives. Helping people who are struggling with the emotional earthquakes of divorce find a new life of fulfillment and peace is a special joy to her. If your divorce was caused by a spouse coming ‘out of the closet, ’ you will find in Melissa someone who understands your unique pain.

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