Biting Nails, How To Stop, and Is It Permanent?


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Nail biting is amongst one of the most common habit intended to relieve stress. Some of these habits pointing out stress and nervousness might include thumb-sucking, hair twisting or pulling, nose picking, tooth grinding and skin picking. Nail biting is generally the result of stress or excitement or it might be indicative of inactivity and boredom. It is believed that nail biting is generally a learnt behavior.

Nail biting is almost instinctive without actual realization. So, you could be engaged in reading or talking on the phone or watching TV and start biting nails without realizing it. Nail biting is not just limited to biting nails but also to biting the cuticles and the surrounding tissues around the nails.

It is true that until and unless you damage the nail bed there would be no effect on your nail growth but you should stop nail biting because of health reasons. Nail biting could result in infection of the skin (paronychia) or even result in warts surrounding the nail bed.

Biting nails dos not have to be permanent. As talked about earlier there are many ways to quit, I highly recommend searching the web and trying all the alternate methods.

As mentioned earlier, nail biting has no effect on nails clinically speaking till you are not actually damaging the cuticles and nail beds but it is surely a sign of anxiety and compulsive behavior. You might need some professional help in such cases. Behavioral therapy and some medications go a long way in stopping nail biting.

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