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Since the middle of the 20th century our life has changed greatly, mainly due to introduction of new technologies and devices in our everyday life. Not only our homes but our working places are permanently changing and now this process is going faster than ever before. Many of new inventions make our life better and easier that is sometimes quite unusual, particularly for old people like my neighbor Mr. Pearson who is 74 years old. When I talked to him I found out that there were three inventions that have changed his life greatly. These inventions are abacus, cell phone, and microwave oven.

Mr. Pearson said that all three inventions have changed his life quite significantly. First of all he named abacus, which turned to be very useful for him. He said that “when I was a young man I used to work as a shop assistant but not very good one because I had a big problem I had to calculate everything in my head that was sometimes really troublemaking. ” The owner of the shop was even going to fire him but luckily, he found the solution to this problem and it was “a cunning Chinese invention” abacus. It was a special device that helped him to calculate everything he needed. He “could work with big sums because he could calculate figures including nine numbers”. After that he had not have any problems in calculating and he could to continue to work as a shop assistant and son his was rewarded for his work and he’d got his wage up.

Than Mr. Pearson told me about another “big change” in his life. “It was a microwave oven” he said laughing. “You know, my life had really changed somehow when I bought a microwave. It seemed to me I lost something, on the other hand I realized that I had more spare time, since I hadn’t any trouble if I wanted to prepare a dinner. Anyway, a microwave, it’s a great invention and very useful. ” I asked him to explain why he thinks it is useful and he answered “otherwise, people would spent half of their life cooking. ” Though he laughed while he said this probably he is right because as far as I know it used to be not so easy to prepare any dish without a microwave. So, a microwave had changed the life of Mr. Pearson though “it had changed the life of all of us but we simply don’t understand it. ” Probably, he is right, at least it is difficult to argue “if you are hungry and don’t want to wait for a pretty long time when a dish is preparing in the oven and you simply put it in the microwave and in a moment you get what you want. ” We both laughed at it. Suddenly, he became very serious when he started to speak about the third invention that had changed his life. It was a cell phone. “It happened in Mexico” he said “me and my wife traveled around this country and when we were in the capital we got in trouble. ” I was a bit surprised because I could not understand how cell phone could change the life of a person.

Mr. Pearson continued: “it was summer and the weather was very hot. The heat was unbearable and my wife had some heart problems. Suddenly I saw that she felt sick and she began to lose her consciousness. I figured that without help she would die soon. Luckily, I’ve got a cell phone and I could call the ambulance. ” Fortunately, Mrs. Pearson survived and it was really an excellent invention of all times that serve for people and help them so much. After this I understood how useful may be such a tiny thing as a cell phone.

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After the conversation with Mr. Pearson I learn a lot of new things. Now I think differently about all things which are around us and which we got used to. Before I did not pay much attention to such things as TV, microwave ovens, computers, washing machines, cell phones and many others which are so habitual for us. Now when I look at one of such inventions of human mind I think what was it created for, how useful can it be for people and how many new inventions will be made in future. Probably, me or some of my friend will do some of them who knows. Anyway, a lot of around us have never existed before and many of them have changed someone’s life that is why we have to thank those people who invented them and use them properly for good deeds.

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