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How often does life present you with an opportunity to get mad, or sad? We all live in a reactionary world that causes our emotional state to fluctuate.

How often have you heard someone say, “I wouldn’t be this way if only you weren’t _ , or didn’t _. " Just fill in the blanks with anything that has triggered you in the past.

It may seem to you right now that when something happens you feel powerless to control your reactions. If you tire of having your buttons pushed and being manipulated by influences outside of your control then I urge you to develop self mastery.

Imagine how simple life would be if there were nothing that anyone could do to upset your sense of self. When one becomes master over themselves they are then fully in control of how they react to any situation presented to them. There is nothing in life more freeing than not reacting to another’s negative energy.

There are always going to be happenings in life that are beyond our control. Self Mastery creates self control which gives us the choice of how to react to whatever occurs in our lives. Our buttons that normally would be pushed will have disappeared.

Let’s all walk through this reactionary world completely un-triggered.

We will be the purveyors of peace.

After years of personal development I had reached an awareness I would describe as self realization. Some call it enlightenement, yet to me that is just a word. I am no different from anyone else on this planet.

I achieved this not by living in a monastery away from daily life, I gained mastery over my mind, body and soul living in the real world. My life now is very different from the way I lived before.

I can see the beauty in all things and love to coach that part out of people. It is my beief that everyone has a pure core that longs to have outward expression in the world.

I live in Toronto and my intention is to shine my light fot all the world to see.

Love and light,



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