Embracing Anger


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Yes, we are definitely creatures of habit. We hold onto certain aspects of ourselves without knowing or even understanding why. We were taught sometimes unconsciously to define ourselves. Thus we needed to develop a standard…Language. Labels often negate and sometimes pull us into a world of isolation. A N G E R! What happens when you put these particular words together? “ I Am Angry!". Wow! How concrete it becomes. O. K. I just wanted to spend a few seconds setting up the intellect, allowing it to be present for an unfolding of the heart. F E E L I N G S… Designed by nature to guide us… In this sometimes backwards environment we have set up… Lead from the Left brain…. . abandon the right brain type of education, that we needed to assume, in order to memorize and attain material possessions and goals of that nature. We really learned how to invalidate our true guidance system. Hey just keep busy! Set some more goals! Keep your head down, a busy person has no time to deal with emotions! They just confuse you and the next thing you know your again feeling something you know can’t be you! So you quickly project this out into your environment and Yikes! This must be coming from out there somewhere, my wife, my job, or maybe this darn traffic.

Now let’s just take a look at one particular feeling. ANGER! We know that Anger is a wonderful motivator…it stimulates our adrenaline glands and we go for a ride. Now Anger really was originally designed to cover up a feeling of hopelessness. Of coarse, anger internalized turns into rage, which sometimes escapes our control and visibly appears to others out there!! We think of coarse no one knows we are carrying around anger, because we find so many creative ways to invalidate it, by shifting our attention into our environment. But this is another article in itself.

So let’s take a look at how anger disguises itself. In other words, how do we know it is operating beneath our consciousness on a moment by moment basis? Because we are conditioned in our world to have our feelings in response to something else that is happening to us out there, it is difficult to see the choices leading up to our responses. Of course when we were younger, Anger allowed us to survive a very suppressed and controlled environment. This brings us to a moment of acceptance. Anger served us! Now let’s take a look inside… How do you want to feel? Now in this moment how are you feeling? This allows us a moment to declare that we are aware we have control of our own creative thought, power, and feeling.

Unplugging Undesired Emotional Neuro pathways. Let’s go beyond psychological interpretation. Let’s take a moment to observe how you have things hooked up inside of you. The operative principle here is that when you can observe something, it no longer has a hold on you. So here we go…some of us have grown into a larger earth suit, and have been labeled ADULTS, yikes!!! another label. Now you better respond like an adult! I think you get the message here. Now let’s go in. What is this anxiousness?

Let’s understand and take ownership of how powerful we are by reading the following out loud.

“I am the center of the Universe and when I think a thought, law of attraction responds to my thought, and when I practice this thought until it is dominant, (that is what a belief is), then all around me is my practiced thought".

As otherwise stated…the mystery of the universe is that it is constantly rearranging itself to accommodate your own personal view of it. What you want to see (intend), is what the universe is EAGER to show you.

Now I know you know where I am going with this…. the ultimate truth. As we look to see how Anger has shown up for us… we then can change our view. And when your view changes the universe changes in order to remain consistent with your particular view at that time.

So let’s call in a little assistance…I know my higher purpose is being fulfilled now, in this moment. I trust in something greater than myself to show me the next step. I look within, where I am safe, loved, and protected. I trust that my highest good and greatest joy are unfolding now. In this space I am willing to let go of that which is no longer serving me. Today…in this moment…How can I respond in a different way?

Yes we are willing to change, and we are open to deeply listen to Anger’s cry for safety.

We seem to have a few walls up… let see what is we are truly seeking now. Anger seeks safety? Are we not save now? Listen within. Are you repressing, suppressing, projecting? Are you Feeling some guilt or shame about this dark side, this Angry side wanting to express itself? What are these walls really protecting you from? Your own inner frightened child? Your true Spirit? Gee…. how can we manage this Angry spirit? How have you managed in the past to quiet and pacify this spirit? Wait…you know I was kidding. The past is over!! Let’s take a look now, in this moment to creatively give this spirit a voice, this abandoned child. This child has every right to feel Angry! Anger is such a healthy response to a child who is suppressed, invalidated, and isolated. Because we have established a safe place here, a safe place, let’s go ahead for a minute and write down what this child wants to share with you. Now in this moment something new is happening in your life. It is perfectly O. K. to be Angry. As adults we tend to find ways to invalidate these very feelings. As you learn to quiet your mind and look within more often, you will see a brand new you. One that draws unconditional love to your front door. You see it is a simple process that we have made so complex. If you are feeling Angry, take a few minutes and show up for this frightened child/Spirit. Listen do not judge and connect with something greater than you! A connection with Source, opens to a opportunity to share and participate with this moment.

We are now, each time we go within, setting new nuero pathways in place. So each time it gets a little easier. Remember there are no accidents in life. You are reading this to expand your consciousness. I know at first it sounds a little to easy. Open yourself up each day a little bit at a time and soon you will be experiencing new unlimited relationships with others. True empowerment!

Thanks for being coach able.

Philip J. McKeon

Philip McKeon spent 13 years in the medical manufacturing field. He has attained great success in the material world. After following endless ventures of cerebral entertainment, (avoidance), he was awakened by a near-death experience in Hawaii. He is following his highest aspect to help others get in touch with something greater then one can imagine for themselves. But first we must get in touch with our feelings. The feeling is the energy that is attracting events into your life. Philip has a playful approach to this inner connection. A true pioneer of perception playtimeforspirit@earthlink.com


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