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'Most people create from yesterday. Yet if we use what ‘was’ to create what ‘will be’ then all that we will be was what ‘was’. Neil Donald Walsh

The last few months I've held myself up as a human experiment. I've done this for two reasons: First, because I wanted to overcome something that had been beating me. Second, because I want to inspire others who have similar obstacles to say to themselves, ‘Well if he can do it, so can I. '

My experiment has put me at the cutting edge of personal change. I suspect, that like you, that massive changes are not necessarily needed. Life is pretty good, but a few subtleties, fine-tuned would be a pretty satisfying result. Having said that…

One Small Change - Big Difference

My guess is that we're all here to evolve and I think what Neale Donald Walsch was suggesting in the quote at the top is that we shift our thoughts to create better and better situations daily rather than looking backwards.

By making a small change in one area of life, you can have a huge overall impact on how you live life. Who'd have thought that changes to diet and exercise would give me enough get-up-and-go to work an extra fifteen hours last week so I could deliver a manuscript on time. A few months ago I couldn't imagine losing fifteen hours sleep in a month, let alone a week!

And that's not it

For years I've had this niggling back ache that comes and goes and then once or twice a year ceases up for a fortnight. Those of you who attribute backache to some spiritual movement will no doubt email and tell me about what all that might mean. But it seems to have gone - no drugs, no therapy, no healing meditations and no pain for several week. And all this after 7 years of wincing almost every time I stood up from a seat.

What Holds us Back

What holds us back from making even the smallest change is the unknown. I don't know about you, but I've often seen the unknown as a painful black hole. An example of this is when I first met my fitness instructor, Matthew Howell, he talked about hill-sprints, half-marathons and bike rides without sitting in the saddle! This was unknown territory to me. It didn't make me want to run with him, it made me think about running like hell in the opposite direction from him!

Some people call the ‘unknown’ something else. They call it FEAR.

In his book, You can Have What You Want he says, Michael Neill ‘Since the source of 99% of fear is in your thinking, you can quickly and easily release your fear (once you know it), without anything having to change in the world. '

Three months after meeting Matthew I did my first hill-sprints. A half-marathon is now not at all daunting and the bike ride, just needs some training. Despite what Michael says, about not making a change in the world, the world does change when our thinking changes. The hardest part though is changing that thought, therefore all the scary stuff must really be in our heads rather than in the world.

Here is where my message fits in…

I want to see change because I’m fed up with all the negative in the media. I want to read material that could mould my life into the form I wanted it to take, not bog me down with things I perceived I might be powerless to change. I imagined others might feel the same. And here we are.

As Neale Donald Walsch is saying, if we create from yesterday we'll only create what was. In other words we'll recreate the same thing again. So, I'm curious to know what change you'd like to see and what you're doing to mould your life into the form you'd like it to take.

Until next time Neil

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