So You Think You Are Too Old?

Robert Wagner

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There are too many people that think just because they retire from working for a living that they must retire from doing things that will make a lasting impression. How many times have you heard statements such as “I am too old for that, " or “Let the younger ones do that task" or “If I were only 20 years younger. . " Thoughts like that are nothing but an express elevator to heaven and give God a reason to take you home.

Did you know that the Apostle Paul:

Did not become a Christian until he was over 30 years old? (Most come to Christ before the age of 15)

Did not start his formal ministry until he was over 40? Most pastoral search committees are looking for someone who is 40 with 15-20 years experience behind them. This standard would have cause Paul to be excluded and passed over for the position.

Did not take his first missionary journey until he was over 45? Most churches and schools send out their missionaries when they are in their 20s. We often wonder, “What could he or she do? They are too old!" We fail to ask ourselves, who would be more mature, an individual in their 20s or a man or woman 45 plus?

Did not even write his first book until he was 49? He then went on to write 12 more God- inspired books of the New Testament.

In spite of getting what some would say is a late start in life serving God, Paul had a great impact on the future of Christianity. His influence began at an age when most people today think about slowing down. What a challenge this should be for us. It is never too late to get busy!

How about a few other “Old People"?

Thomas Jefferson embarked founding of the University of Virginia. He spearheaded the legislative campaign for its charter, secured its location, designed its buildings, planned its curriculum, and served as the first rector. How old was he when he started this great endeavor? 76!

Bill Anderson, Raised over $3,000 for the homeless by riding his bicycle 3,000 miles coast to coast. Bill was 78 at the time!

Dr. Solomon Margolin has more than 40 U. S. and foreign patents pertaining to medicines. He has developed more than 20 FDA-approved drugs, including Dimetapp®, Coricidin, Prednisone and Prednisolone. His quest is to develop drugs that will help people with such ailments as multiple sclerosis. He goes to work everyday to get closer and closer to finding a treatment and cure for the disease that affects so many people. The Doctor is 83 years old!

Dodo Cheney, won the championship match at 24th International Tennis Federation World Seniors Tennis Championships. Ms. Cheney is 88 years old!

George Brunstad, who is the uncle of movie star Matt Damon, became the oldest person to swim the English Channel and raised at least $11,000 for an orphanage in Haiti at the same time. George was 70 when he did this!

Lucille Borgen of Babson Park, Florida, amazed the crowd at the 62 Annual Water Ski National Championships by winning the Women 10 slalom and tricks event on her 91st birthday!

So now, what is your excuse? Whatever it is, put it away and start to live your life! Make it count! and Start today!

Bob Wagner is one of the most motivated and energetic pastor, motivational speaker and author available today. His down to earth talks fueled by his passion to help people will motivate you to think differently, act differently and not settle for anything but greatness in your personal life or the life of your company or church. For quick updates, visit his website at or You may reach him for comment or advice at

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So You Think You Are Too Old?
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