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Diana Long

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2007. . A Brand Spanking New Year is upon us. What will you choose to do with it? Your decisions and mind set today about the year ahead will make all the difference in how this year shows up for you. Really. The ritual of making New Year's Resolutions has been in place for centuries dating back to Babylon. Records show that their top two resolutions were #1 to pay off old debts and #2 return tools to neighbors! Our modern day resolutions aren't all that different from the Babylonians, are they?

So what is the secret to making a resolution that actually comes true vs. tired, “same old, same old “obligatory resolutions that don't come true? You know the ones: “I will lose weight this year" “My business makes more money" I will stop smoking" etc. It's simple really. The most important component to creating powerful and potent resolutions is to create intention statements. An intention is a statement that is clearly articulated and infused with feeling. The resolution " I will lose weight" becomes “I am strong, enjoy optimal health and am physically toned and fit. " This clear intention lends itself to creating more intentions and actions that support it. For example, “I delight in eating delicious, nutritious foods each and every day. "

Your script of intentions becomes your touchstone to progress on your dreams/goals. A helpful tip is to review your intentions often( daily is optimal) to reaffirm your commitments. If certain intentions no longer hold the “zip" they once had throw them out and write up new ones that get you excited. This intentional process works like a charm! Watch amazing things begin to happen in your life. Success Expert, Anthony Robbins says this about being decisive: “The moment I finally said, I've had it! I know I am much more than what I am demonstrating mentally, emotionally and physically. Anthony Robbins says he made a decision to alter his life forever. “I decided to never again settle for less than I desired and I did just that!"

Be bold. Be decisive. Be committed. What do you really want for the year ahead? Why do you want it? I invite you to dig deep, get crystal clear and declare your decisions and desires for 2007.

In order to make room for the New Year, it is very important to close out the past and get clear on what your desires are. Here are some excellent questions from the book" Completions & Creations, A Book of Questions" by Marcia Jameson.

What was your greatest learning in 2006?

What about yourself, your life, your work are you most committed to changing or improving in 2007?

What brings you the most joy and how are you going to have more of it in 2007?

I'd love to see your intentions for 2007. , I invite you to e mail me your list of your intentions. I'll support you 100%! Carpe Diem!

Success Coach and Speaker, Diana Long, is the President of the Life Design Institute. Diana can help you transform your dreams into reality and give you the shortcuts to success with her variety of life-changing programs and products. Learn more about Diana and receive your Free Report, ” How to Avoid the 3 Biggest Mistakes that Women Make to Sabotage their Success” and Free subscription to “Life Design Secrets” e-newsletter, please visit http://www.DianaLong.com


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