Why America Loves John Daly

Randy Brown

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John Daly's name elicits immediate attention from the America public. He is a household name, a golf legend, and a normal guy. His face on television is often followed by, “What did he do now?" His magnetism draws Americans to him and has for many years now.

John Daly first hit the scene with his robust shape and powerful swing. Fans realized that Daly could literally bomb a tee ball out of site. Winning long drive contests all over the map, he instantly became a fan favorite. People fall in love with these incredible feats. Players who can hit the home run, slam dunk in traffic, throw the 4th quarter touchdown pass, capture the imagination of sports fans. In golf, fans come out to see the big hitters and are drawn to them.

Golf is a game where even the poor golfer can strike an incredible shot now and then. These precious shots equal them for a moment to the games greatest players. Because the average 35 year old can't slam dunk or hit home runs every week, golf gives us those fleeting moments of sports glory. We swing harder and hope for that rocket that finds its home 280 yards down the manicured fairway. The golf industry has witnessed an economic boom the past 10 years due to developments in golf clubs. Swinging easy and hitting it long is now a realistic possibility for the weekend golfer. Oversized drivers are like swinging a watermelon on the end of a stick. Golfers give up the credit card with warp speed if they believe a product can help their game. Thoughts fill their head like, “With this new driver, I'll bet I can belt it out there like Daly!"

If the game of golf has the ability to couple the average hacker with the game's elite players, then John Daly is the conduit. Known for his bouts with the bottle, marriage, and his weight, Daly's problems make him as acceptable as any figure in the sports world. Misery loves company, especially when that company comes in the form of golf's best and most popular player. There's not a person out there that can't associated with Big John in some way. We've all got a little John Daly in us, and that's not all bad.

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