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All too often when there is time to stop and reflect, you may feel like you have hit the “wall” in your life. Your career seems stagnant, relationships dulled, your spiritual growth stunted or financial pursuits hopeless. You may feel overwhelmed, feeling like you’re just spinning your wheels in life.

Ever wonder why some people seem to “make it” or “have it all” while all too often you may feel that you are just drifting through life? There is no secret. Great inspirational speakers like Anthony Robbins suggest the same techniques. Napoleon Hill in his great book, Think and Grow Rich, encouraged the same principles. If you want to achieve great things in your life, or want to avoid those self defeating patterns, what you need is a personal motivation plan.

A personal motivation plan consists of 4 components that pull you off the path of self defeatism, and propel you on the path to success:

    1) Clarity of Purpose: it’s understanding why you are doing the things you do. As Nietzsche says: “He who has a why has a how. ” What motivates you? This is the self motivating part of the overall plan. If, for example, your career seems stagnant it could be that you’ve never clearly defined your career objectives. If you have lost your enthusiasm for your job, family, or spiritually, it’s because you have disconnected with the “why”. Reconnect or find out, once and for all, what your purpose and direction is for your career, family, finance, etc… Stop wandering through the dark!
    2) Mission statement. This is the first physical act of your self motivating plan, acting as a bridge between your purpose (career, family, etc…) and achieving your goals. There is enormous power that is unleashed when you write down your personal mission statement. It opens the power of the subconscious mind to seek out and collect the necessary resources to fulfill your goals as determined by your purpose.
    3) Goal setting forms are a must-have if you want to set and track your progress. While John F. Kennedy had the vision of sending a man to the moon, those who acted on that vision, outlined the steps –milestones (interim goals) – needed to achieve the feat. They calculated every step and hit those milestones before achieving the ultimate target.
    4) Self Motivating techniques. These are the internal abilities that have laid dormant over the years. Success is the culmination of the simple yet often overlooked elements of success: purpose, determination, commitment, attitude, self confidence, etc…These words may seem aloof and distant, but they only appear that way when you don’t have the first three parts of your plan. Your innate self motivating techniques are like seeds in the ground laying dormant ready to germinate once the three other component of your plan are enabled.
To find your clarity of purpose and achieve your aspirations require no great feats, but everyday courage. It needs nothing more than to clarify your purpose, whether it is your career direction or life purpose. Then, set out what you want out of life with a clear statement of intention using a personal mission statement. Setting down goals is the precursor to success as you can then chart your success and measure your progress. Laying down these cornerstones of your personal self motivation plan enables you to harness your innate self motivating techniques. With your complete self motivation plan, you can find the clarity for any area of your life and create a life with focused action to achieve success.

About the Author: Keith Raymond is a Business Mentor and Life Coach. Through his website, he empowers readers with the know-how to create a self motivation plan . You can learn more about the same success empowering techniques and strategies. For more information on how to create your personal success plan, please visit


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