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Thomas Digges

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Several years ago, I made a major commitment to radically change my life. I was tired of feeling tired, falling into confusion, lacking enough focus to achieve my dreams, losing hope, failing. I did not feel very happy, complete or whole or have any measure of success or inner peace. I was repeatedly emotionally tossed about by circumstances and crisis that seemed to come out of nowhere. That was then, this is now. . .

When I wake up in the morning, I am filled with creative juice. I don't have to do anything to motivate myself. I have lost weight and am fit and healthy which was one of my main goals. I am focused on what I want to do in life and enjoy each day being able to take steps toward that vision. Circumstances that used to bother me roll right off my back having little or no effect on my high emotional tone. I am well on my way to seeing my life dreams and vision become reality.

What made the major difference? Only two main things really. Working on these two main areas of my life with tools that I found made the radical difference in an amazingly short period of time. Two powerful tools that represent the latest cutting edge technology in their respective fields working together created the radical change I was longing for my entire life.

The first tool is called Integrative Clearing Work. It is a form of contemplative deconstruction and emotional clearing. ICW uses body awareness, focusing, emotional release and inquiry in a process that you can do all day long if you can find a few minutes to apply it. It can also be done during a regular meditative session. There are also facilitators who will do sessions with you over the phone until you learn the process. Believe me it is powerful. It gets to the roots of any issue that is arising for you and brings it to resolution. So this tool works on every negative influence that comes from your emotions and mind.

The second tool is brainwave entrainment. This is a cutting edge technology that trains your brainwaves to operate at optimum levels for different empowered states of mind. So, if you want to learn better, it will tune your brainwaves for that. If you want to enter deep meditative states, it will tune your brainwaves for that. If you want to be highly creative, you can tune your brain for that. The implications are staggering, yes.

But, the thing is, it works twice as well if you have removed your resistances and obstacles with ICW! Remove the negative - boost the positive and wham! You have one powerful human change one two punch. Clearing work and brainwave entrainment can and will radically change your life.

For more info go to: For a free Clearing Work ebook see: Thomas S Digges is a clearing work facilitator & an Integral Life Coach


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Change Your Story, Change Your Life, and Maybe Even Get Present in the Moment
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