Three Motivational Speakers Walk Into A Bar


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Three motivational speakers walk into a bar. The bartender asks them what they would like a drink. They ask for a moment to decide. After a few moments the bartender returns. They ask for more time. A few minutes later the bartender asks if they’re ready. Not yet they all reply. Finally the bartender asks if he could help them. The motivational speakers laugh and high five each other.

The joke is not that funny I know but truthfully it’s the bartender, the Dr. , the construction worker and everyone in life that makes motivators just ooze with enthusiasm.

What is that people want so badly that they would be willing to pay endless amounts of money for, which leads them mostly in circles typically keeping them sociologically and economically in the same position? What is that every pregnant teenage girl is looking for? What is it that makes the motivational speaking industry a multi billion dollar playa?

It’s all about the love baby.

It’s the lack of humanity in humanity that keeps every motivator rolling his or her finger tips together like Mr. Burns and saying “excellent” in that devilish, fiendish way.

Huxley and Orwell wrote about the decline of humanity more than a hundred years ago. Religion has been waging against it for, well…ever and endless books have been written about the necessity for humanity to realize and combat the plight.

So what’s the point of this rambling?

Remember those “Choose your own adventure” books? I loved them when I was a kid. You get to a certain point and you have to choose which page you jump to to continue the story, sometimes you succeeded and some times you didn’t.

As in these fun little books you get to choose.

What are you looking for? Not the money or the fame but what’s behind it. Not the business or the career but what’s behind it. Not the marriage or the children but what’s behind it. Not the pizza or the burgers…Actually you do not want to know what’s behind the fast food you’re eating.

My father told me when my first wife and I found out that we were having a baby “…all babies are born geniuses, adults make them stupid. ” I had never thought of having kids. I was excited but not once did I answer any of my own nagging internal questions. At that time I had no idea how to love myself or my wife fully. Sadly I didn’t even know the questions existed.

A friend of mine speaks regularly on “Flying by the seat of your pants. ” It's brilliant marketing. In a society based on two second film clips and fast food and few true foundations she’s pegged her audience and her niche.

But it still remains your choice. If you’re comfortable flying by the seat of your pants than great. If not there’s someone or something else out there ready to help you and you must be aware of what’s behind it from your perspective.

Obviously I said first wife. It’s taken me a long time to understand how “my” form of love can best exemplify itself. I have a form of love and a platform to radiate my love. There are certain ingredients that it takes for my love to best manifest itself.

Each person has an ingredients list. Each person has a form of love and a platform on which to demonstrate it. In each case it’s perfectly natural how you love yourself and others whether others view it as right or wrong. Counselors and psychologists might ask “…is that really how you feel about your mother?” Only you know the truth and the answer.

How you receive, give and understand love is the big one. Are your expectations aligned with reality or some scripted two second cut? Is your form of communication in line with your inner being and those around you? Do you reach for the salt and receive pepper?

Everything in life says this in a two second clip on the way to “making your wildest dreams come true” if you use their product, read their book, hear them speak, trust their religion, etc.

Foundations are rarely constructed before choices are made. We need to recognize and be able to answer the burning questions within before we purchase that ocean front property in Arizona. Do we love ourselves? Do we love others? Do we nurture or not? What core beliefs and principles do we live our lives by and do they help or hinder us? Are we willing to continually think the same way or do we want to make a change? There are a myriad of questions that must be asked before we make choices.

People can stay right where they are happy, unhappy, full of joy or wretchedness accepting “that’s how life works” terminology and technology. It’s ok. It may not lead them where they want to go in life but it’s their choice.

The Bible says in The Book of Matthew …”remove the log from your own eye before you remove the spec from your brothers…” Evaluate your foundation. Does it provide for you what you need, want and desire? Does it help or hinder? Is it strong or crumbling? Are you on the path to success, mediocrity or worse?

How can we answer intimate questions and build a true foundation for our lives? How can we keep from being the “bartender” in a world full of them? Make a choice.

Ian Fowler is an enthusiastic and dynamic sales person who has built a creative and services oriented business. His business and life endeavors include sales and marketing, motivational writing and speaking, painting, advertising for print radio and television.


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