The Now (Part 3 of 3): Are You Ready to Really Start Living?

Sylvia MacKenzie

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Me too. Every day. And guess what? I do. I start really living every day - in each moment actually. That's how it's done. Begin in the Now.

Think of this: the Present Moment contains no past and no future. It is always just Now. This is the where and the when you really start living. In the Now you have unlimited abundance and potential.

So, how do you turn that potential into the reality you desire? How DO you experience that ever-present abundance?

In short, to really make the Now work for you, you need to play with it in the following ways:

1. Quiet your mind; quit the chatter about the past and the future.

2. Accept yourself as you are, and life as it is. Let go of resistance to what is. (This does not imply that you like or approve of things the way they are. )

3. Just BE in the moment. Feel your body from the inside out, top to bottom. Feel where it is holding emotional charge of any kind. Release emotional charges and tensions in your body.

4. Imagine that you have no purpose except to simply exist. (Don't worry, clarity of your purpose will actually come to you and intensify by doing this. )

5. Make visual images of the life you desire and bring all the sensory perceptions into the Moment. Feel your vision fully in the Now. Make it present tense.

6. Know that the infinite Universe surrounds you with limitless abundance, and opportunities according to your desires. In the Now, you will discover the ways and means to take action on those opportunities.

The Eternal Now is the only place and time to live fully. To be completely Present in the Now means that you must dismiss thoughts and feelings that don't belong there. The past does not exist, only your memories do. The future does not exist, only your imaginings do.

I can almost hear the objections that come up. “But I can't NOT think of the future. I have commitments, obligations and pressures on me all the time! My life is mostly filled with stress. I can't fool around with these mind games!"

The truth is mind games are running your life. The games the ego-mind plays to convince you to believe everything it tells you. Doubts, guilt, blaming, worrying, stressing and fear of almost every kind are fruits of the ego-mind.

Stress is born of resistance to what is. Conversely, acceptance lifts the veil so your inner place of calm and wisdom is accessible. Solutions to problems can be found more easily. Instead of allowing your chatter-box mind to stress you out with matters not of the Present, you can accomplish more, more effectively and with a more peaceful state of being if you practice living only in the Now.

If you want to manifest a new, more prosperous, fulfilling and personally empowered reality for yourself, it is only in the Now you can do it. Each and every Now.

All the negative self-talk and beliefs that keep you in stuck places can be changed by choices you make in the Present Moment. If you are willing to release and let go of old patterns of thinking and believing that no longer serve your best interests, you are more than half way there.

It is my firm belief that we each need a mentor to help us when we decide to embark on the difficult task of going deep within and trying to understand what we find there. As a Personal Life Coach, I could be just a bit biased about that. (Smile. ) It is my truth, however.

The next best thing is guided meditation, targeted hypnosis and success conditioning CD's and MP3's, or similar. I find these types of tools better than books or any reading material because results are much more rapid and powerful.

Having a solid knowledge-base from great books is wonderful, and makes the inner Journey far easier, to be sure! My own library is overflowing. I simply recommend the next step of hearing a voice other than your own to help push the ‘pause’ button of the ego-mind.

Getting into the practice of living in the Now will literally transform your life. You won't be waiting to ‘really start living’. You will already be doing it in each and every Present Moment.

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Sylvia MacKenzie, formerly a Management Consultant specializing in marketing and promotional campaigns and investor relations campaigns, now finds deep satisfaction and fulfillment in her career as Personal Life Coach. Drawing upon more than 25 years of experience at teaching communications skills, coaching and mentoring youth and adults, she is currently developing personal growth resources and focuses on individual life transitions.

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