Anyone Can Do Anything

Avish Parashar

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As an improv comedy performer, one of the most common phrases I would hear after a show was, ‘I could never do that. ’ People were terrified by the thought of getting up on stage in front of a large crowd with nothing prepared. Depending on how much time I had, and how much I felt like getting into an involved discussion, my response to the comment, ‘I could never do that, ’ ranged from a mumbled, ‘Thanks, ’ to a full on ‘Oh yes you can!’

First off, barring my inability to play in the NBA at 5'7" (even then, there have been shorter NBA players), anyone can do anything. That’s a simple fact. It might take time, but everyone can gain the ability to do just about anything. That includes everything from performing great improv comedy, to playing an instrument, to being a master salesman.

For example, pick an activity that you would like to do well, but don’t feel you ever could. Maybe you’d like to cook exceptionally well, but right now you can’t successfully boil water. Or maybe you want to start a career in sales but the thought of cold calling makes your stomach churn like an Amish butter-maker.

Now, do you believe that anyone, in the history of the world, had your limitations and beliefs and overcame them to be a great cook or salesman (or whatever you picked as your activity)? If you said yes, then you should believe that you can too. We all have the same tool (our minds), and if one person can do it, anyone can. In this day and age, there are tons of places where you can go and acquire the skills you may currently be lacking.

If you said no, you are not off the hook either. Just because no one (that you know of) has done it, doesn’t mean it can’t be done. If that were the case, I would be printing this book out on an old-school hand set printing press instead of a nice, simple laser printer. The most important thing is that you believe it can be done.

It may take hard work, and discipline, and sacrifice, but anyone can do anything. The real reason people don’t is not that they can’t, but rather that they are unwilling to do the work, have the discipline, and make the sacrifices necessary.

Avish Parashar is a dynamic professional speaker who shows organizations and individuals how to get what they want using the Art and Science of improv comedy. He weaves together humorous stories, witty observations, and interactive exercises from improvisational comedy to get people laughing, learning, and motivated!

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Anyone Can Do Anything
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