Control Your Focus to Maximize Your Energy

Avish Parashar

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Imagine that you are a big ball of energy. (Actually, since physics has shown us that matter and energy are the same thing, calling you a big ball of energy is neither incorrect nor insulting). The sum total of your energy can be divided amongst many things. It can also be tied up in your own being. Your goal, if you want to perform at a maximum level, should be to free up as much of your energy as possible.

This ties into focus because your focus can either be in or out. You direct your energy through your focus. When you are angry, depressed, or worried, your focus is internal. You have an inordinate amount of energy tied up in how you feel. When you are happy, laughing, and positive, your focus is external. Not only is none of your energy tied up in yourself, but also you generate more energy through your emotions.

Think about your body when you are filled with a negative emotion. Typically, your muscles tense up, your body contracts, and your head is down. What do all these things point to? Tense muscles means you are using energy to tense them. A contracted body requires energy to keep it contracted. And what are you doing with your head down? You are reflective, focusing on things inside your own head. All of these things use up energy that could better be used elsewhere.

Now, think about when you are positive. What is your body doing then? The body in these cases is usually loose, pumped up, and your posture is good: straight back, head up, and eyes out. In these positive times, you are projecting energy out to the world. You are not tying up energy in tension, and you are focused on all he things going on around you.

Can you recall a time where you were feeling pretty average, or even a bit down, and then suddenly you received a piece of great news? What happened to you? Did you stay slumped in your chair, feeling pretty average? I’m going to go out on a limb and say ‘No way!’ You probably got really jazzed, and wanted to run out and tell someone about it. You may have found it hard to sit in one place, when just moments before you were content to lay around. That’s positive focus (focusing on the new, great news) generating energy for you!

Apply this principle in your own life. If you need to be productive and efficient, focus on the positive to increase your output.


Avish Parashar is a dynamic professional speaker who shows organizations and individuals how to get what they want using the Art and Science of improv comedy. He weaves together humorous stories, witty observations, and interactive exercises from improvisational comedy to get people laughing, learning, and motivated!

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