The Metaphysical Autoresponder Uses Code-Sometimes Encrypted

Dianne M. Buxton

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I don't mean html. Although the theme of my thoughts this past week has everything to do with the internet, and business. And our great successes.

Recently focusing on synchronicity, the output of thoughts that are about the outcome we want, and the various traditions and new schools of thought that are about US creating OUR lives as we wish, I found myself driving behind an SUV which had a license plate “I MK BLEV".

I have no way of knowing whether the driver was an author of fantasy stories, movies, or a metaphysical minister of some kind. I enjoyed seeing that idea reflected back to me.

In the holographic mirror/reflection of the physical universe, we need to survive in many ways. Surviving, thriving, succeeding, flourishing, prospering, are most people's goals.

Start where you are and feel it. If you have a feeling of just surviving, not quite thriving, feel the best things about that. List them out loud. And then add to it a little. Okay, you are pretending, you are thriving now. What does that mean to you? Maybe your tedium and grunt work is a little more comfortable, because you are used to it and faster at it. Or, you've accepted it, so you have energy from your former resistance to put into your work, and your play.

Resistance means you just don't want it to be that way. It should not be. You can tell when you are resisting - you're tense, not liking to have to do it. That takes energy, it changes your biochemistry so that you are poisoning yourself with the wrong chemicals, and that perpetuates the resistance, because it actually messes your brain up and everything takes more effort.

Accepting just means that you know the tedium and grunt work is temporary and it's no big deal. When you get into the next stage you will have a new and different tedium, a little more complicated grunt work, but you get the prize of GREAT RESULTS! MONEY!. . . . And much personal fulfillment “I did that!".

Your thoughts, vibe, and the frequency at which you are transmitting into the Void, (Mind, Universal Field, Quantum Etheric Ocean, The Force) is your code. And you will get code back. Before you see the big results you are looking for, acknowledge the little ones. They matter. They are the signs.

It may just be seeing some of the things you want - material stuff. You are noticing the ads, people with your wished-for stuff, it'll stand out in the movies. You really notice it now. You don't have it yet. But you can look at it and go “oooohhh. . . . yeah I love that stuff. It's mine. I can just feel the texture of it, feel its weight, look at that glossy color". Or whatever, according to you.

It sure is better than worrying and resisting. And you get a lot of energy out of it, and it's “just thought". Hah.

Dianne M. Buxton is a graduate of the National Ballet School of Canada. She taught there for several years, and also taught at York University and George Brown College in Toronto, and at Harvard University.


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