The Time has Come for More Effort to be Placed on Self Responsibility

Susan Burgess

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News headlines continue to report the increasing level of obesity throughout the world, forget about the western cultures, eastern cultures are quickly catching up. Reports also indicate that areas of Africa where famine once reigned now have massive obesity problems.

Personal debt is at a staggering level, but still each and every day proposals arrive in the mail to encourage one to take out yet another credit card and with no payments needed for up to six months. Stores offer goods with no payment for 12 to 24 months, bargains galore to be found they promote in their sales campaigns.

The debt of major countries continues to rise; undoubtedly many countries will increase interest rates during this year to slow down their economy.

Slavery Abolishment laws were enacted in 1833 and 1865 in both the British Empire and the USA, but what is occurring now is that 90% of the population has become a slave to their money and their debt. Some major countries are becoming slaves to other countries due to the large amount of money that each government owes.

The majority of the population continues to complain regarding health care, fuel prices, cost of living, cost of housing and condemn what Government is running the country. These same people complain about their jobs, their boss, they believe that they have a right to obtain welfare or free medical and above all neglect to take any responsibility for themselves.

Accepting responsibility for your own behavior or health must come from within.

Some may argue that self responsibility has nothing to do with being obese or being wealthy, however it has everything to so with how you see, value and respect yourself.

Being involved in Wellness Programs I am constantly faced with the theory that people have regarding their own weight gain, hard to believe that we have a world of people in denial, do they really believe that someone else put the food in their mouth or even wheeled them into the shop and made them buy that extra large Crème bun. The likes of McDonalds, Pizza, Wendy's, drinking cola is not the cause, the individual that continually consumes these products is to blame.

Being involved with Success Mentoring I am concerned about the level of personal debt that many families have, are they in denial and also believe that they were forced to buy the new dress, the new car or that dinner at the fancy restaurant? By the time the spending on the luxuries has occurred there is little left for the wholesome food. Education on the concept of being wealthy and the ability to create wealth is certainly needed.

When it comes to a country’s debt then the politicians also seem to be in denial.

Self responsibility is about self esteem and being in control of your life.

Slaves and prisoners of war had very little control of their lives, but is not slavery abolished?

It is time to point the finger back to you, start accepting responsibility for the issues that are confronting you. Learn to be responsible for your health be proactive and prevent before the illness occurs.

Let go of the anger that you hold, seek some guidance and change you mindset, you will be glad you did.

It is time to set new examples for younger generations, children copy don’t let them copy denial.


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