Ready to Renew Your Commitment to Your New Year's Resolutions?

Maureen Staiano

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Did you make any New Year’s resolutions this year? Are you successful in keeping your New Year’s resolutions or do you find your self struggling almost as soon as you have made them? Making resolutions seem to cement the belief that a new year is full of promise. This time we will finally get it right. We will finally reach all those goals we having been struggling to get to. It doesn’t matter how many times in previous years we have made the same resolution, as each New Year dawns we make it again with renewed vigor.

It could be making a job change, getting out of a bad relationship, quitting smoking or finally losing those 15 extra pounds you have been carrying around. You are convinced that this is THE YEAR when it is all going to turn around. That is until a few weeks pass by and you find your resolve slipping. Your goals once again seem more difficult to achieve than they did just before the dawn of this New Year. You are frustrated and disappointed with your efforts or lack of them. You begin to believe that New Year’s resolutions are ridiculous and wish you had never made one in the first place.

Before you give up on the idea of a New Years resolution all together perhaps you should ask yourself if you have set yourself up to fail? Before embarking on this year’s resolution did you take steps to be prepared?

1. Before setting your sights on achieving new goals in this upcoming year did you take some time to reflect upon what was not working in the past years? Did you identify the things that not only wasted your time but also brought no positive results? Where was the dead weight in the previous year? Have you identified time wasters and the activities and people that brought nothing of value into your life? It could be wasted hours chatting aimlessly on the phone or hours in front of the TV. It could also be a mailbox full of junk e-mail that you can’t seem to delete or a person that insists that you continually rescue them leaving you too sapped to take care of your own desires.

2. Did you take the time to identify where and when you gave up on the same resolution before? What got in your way and what challenges surrounding this particular resolution seemed insurmountable and ultimately caused you to abandon it? What could you do differently this time to help you push through when the going got tough? What are the support or accountability structures that you could put in place this time to help you succeed?

3. Did you take some time to completely identify why you wanted to make this resolution in the first place? Why is it important for this goal to be achieved? What will the results be when you actually achieve your goal? What will your life look like? Have you actually taken the time to write them down? If you do not know on a deep and personal level why this resolution is important it will be easy enough to abandon it when the going gets tough.

New Year’s resolutions can be a catalyst to some great change. They can get the ball rolling in a positive direction. Before you abandon your New Year‘s resolutions take a look at the previous steps and ask yourself honestly if this is something you want to achieve and why. When you have the answers to these questions you may very well feel a renewed sense of commitment to your New Year’s resolutions.

Maureen Staiano is a Life Coach specializing in working with midlife women and the unique challenges, opportunities and transitions we face in our lives. Please visit me: and also visit my blog


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What You Should Know About New Year Resolutions
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