You Are a Winner

Paul Vann

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If you believe you were conceived and born to live a life of mediocrity, think again. Why would an all powerful creator bring you to this world to be average?

The fact of the matter is you are in this world to make it a better place. How do I know this?

Your time and efforts are very important to you, besides you work hard every day and you keep score of the hours you work and the effort you put forth to succeed. The fact you can quantify your efforts leads me to believe your creator has more for you than a go to work, come home, go to work existence.

At this point we need to be honest with ourselves, if our creator had a purpose for us, are we fulfilling it? Some of you know your purpose and some of you do not.

The best way to understand what your purpose is consists of identifying what it is you are passionate about. What activity would you work for without any pay? In other words, after you discover what you are passionate about would you do it for free.

I am not talking about a hobby, rather the work you would do for no salary. If you can define what it is you would do for no pay and it is not a hobby, chances are it will be your passion and purpose.

Only you can define what your purpose is, no one else can determine it for you. Take 10 minutes out of your day for 21 days to think and write down what you believe your passion is. After 21 days you will know unequivocally what your purpose is.

Once you define what your passion is, act on it. Thoughts with applied action result in change which equals the life of a winner. You are a winner, live like one.

Paul Lawrence Vann is a motivational expert. This motivational speaker and author lead organizations and individuals to maximize their human potential. He is the author of Living on Higher Ground. To contact Paul call him at 800-476-8976 or visit or


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