Challenges Add More Fun and Value to Life


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The best way to break free from the doldrums of everyday life, and grow as a person, is to frequently challenge yourself.

Challenges can be fun, adding the spice of excitement as well as a valuable learning experience.

Ponder for a moment to dwell upon every time you took on a challenge. Within that moment, fear may have swept over you.

Did you ask yourself, “What happens if I mess up?" or “Will people think that I'll never amount to anything?" These kind of thoughts most likely raised your level of concern and anxiety.

Then, a single, clear thought emerged that drove you to take on the challenge anyway: What if you were so good that you amazed everyone, including yourself.

Thinking that you could be amazing and impress others, is not always why you try do to a challenge. However, this exciting notion could help keep you motivated while your taking the challenge on.

Getting pats on the back or building your self esteem and confidence is not the ultimate reason why you would or should challenge yourself.

Challenges open a door to shed light on what kind of person you actually are, beyond just expanding your knowledge. When you are pushed to the limit and forced to think fast on your feet, it's easier to see what you are really made of.

When caught in extreme circumstances, people usually find out traits about themselves that they did not have a clue existed. These traits may be things that their delighted to have, or ones that they wish they could just bury in a deep bottomless pit somewhere.

However, it is exactly these traits that are the most insightful. They are probably the very things preventing you from going as far in your goals as you would like to go.

Within you, these quiet, villains are convincing you that you cannot do something. However, like a thief in the night, once you discover them, you can began to remove them from your life.


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