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Human nature wants us to fail. We all know that if we do not take action we will never experience true success. The first step to success is taking action. If we never take action we can never fail, however we never succeed either.

While taking action is a critical step on the path to success, it is only one factor that contributes to our level of success. Success may also be influenced by luck and timing. Given that we have no control over luck, our focus should be on the factors we can control. It is no coincidence an umbrella salesman on a rainy day achieves a greater level of success than a salesman who attempts to sell his umbrellas on a clear day.

The key is using timing to our advantage enabling us identify when to take action. By doing this we can maximize the benefits we receive from the situation. While some indicators of great timing may be as obvious as rain or sunshine, other key indicators are not as easily identifiable. One simple indicator we can use to determine the best time to take action is observation or observation. If the experts are taking action with a particular opportunity chances are you need to pay attention and take action or you will miss out.

Today is a great day. The timing has never been better for you to benefit from one of the many opportunities which exist around you. Join me and the experts by taking action today.

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