Dreams Cost Money!

Diana Long

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What makes the world go around? Is it… love or money? Without a doubt, love is the ultimate, dynamic force that gives our lives meaning and fulfillment. However, without money flowing into our lives we’d all be in dire straights.

As an entrepreneur and president of my own coaching and consulting company, money has been a key issue to address both for my clients and myself. An observation I’ve made is that many people struggle around the issue of money, even when they earn high incomes. Most people feel that they don’t have enough of the “green stuff” to finance their dreams. In fact, money is cited as the main obstacle to being unable to achieve lifelong dreams. Wow, talk about the death of a dream.

Do you have the financial reserves you require to finance your dreams? Will you be able to travel to the destinations you dream of? Will you be financially set when retirement comes around? Do you have a reserve fund that would enable you to take advantage of a golden business opportunity?

Barbara Sheer, career coach, was once quoted as saying “Our dreams are who we are. ” I love this quote. How true it is. Think of the goals, dreams and aspirations you have. These goals and dreams actually represent the essence of who you are. It’s exciting to know that we all can live very authentic and dynamic lives by tapping into our fertile imaginations. You may be thinking, this “dreaming business” is all well and good but what does it have to do with money? Quite frankly, EVERYTHING!

Are you on the “working for a living” treadmill? Are you living life? Or, is life living you? Ever so important questions to ask yourself! If you are so busy “keeping up with the Jones”, it’s highly likely that your authentic life is hidden from view. Your daydreams and visions for a great life unfortunately become reduced to pipedreams.

All dreams need a financial foundation. Get started today with saving funds in separate “buckets’ so that you have what you need when you need it. Investing in yourself is truly one of the best investments you can make.

This week take some time to review both your dreams and your financial situation. Make the commitment to honor yourself and your dreams. This week I challenge you to get real about your finances so you can get real about your dreams. Keep dreaming big!

Success Coach and Speaker, Diana Long, is the President of the Life Design Institute. Diana can help you transform your dreams into reality and give you the shortcuts to success with her variety of life-changing programs and products. Learn more about Diana and receive your Free Report, ” How to Avoid the 3 Biggest Mistakes that Women Make to Sabotage their Success” and Free subscription to “Life Design Secrets” e-newsletter, please visit http://www.DianaLong.com


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