The King of Your Thing

Brian McClellan

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There are some things in my world I cannot change. The sun will rise in the east and set in the west. Mother Earth will spin about its axis. Gravity will pull. The Grim Reaper will visit us all eventually. But most everything else in my world is fair game, subject to my influence. This is true for you too, if you choose. There is tremendous empowerment in choosing to believe this way. If someone or something else is in control, then all you can do is wait and wonder. Wait for the world to happen to you. Wonder why others are happy and you are not. If you choose to believe that you happen to the world, and not vice versa, there is always a way to improve, to better your situation, to live on your terms and to win as you define winning.

Things always seem to happen to those who do not win. Many of them consider themselves unlucky or even cursed. Winners seem more fortunate, but this “good luck” is no accident. Winners command good fortune to come into their lives. Winners, unlike those who do not win, happen to the world. They simply do not believe there are situations that they cannot impact, if not control, when it comes to their lives. Every situation, even seemingly negative ones, is an opportunity to get one step closer to the prize. Winners simply will not accept the phrase “that’s the way it has to be. ” Why? Because they know that some people do win. Some people do prosper in spite of adversity. Some people do live the lives of their dreams and beyond. So, why not them, and for that matter, why not you? We all arrived on this earth as equals, and therefore you have no less right to yours as anyone else has to theirs.

There is much that I have not yet learned, but I know this much is true. Grass grows, flowers bloom and winners win. Some would have you believe that winning is an outcome that only special people enjoy; people more special than you. However, winning is not a birthright, but a mindset and a lifestyle that begins with a decision. The winner decides that he or she is in control. The winner decides to be the king of his thing, not simply a squirrel in someone else’s world trying to get a nut. You can choose to view your life in this same way. Choose to be the king of your thing and your greatness will surely follow.

Brian McClellan is the cofounder and CEO of BAMSTRONG Presentations, a career consulting firm, and the author of The Real Bling: How to Get the Only Thing You Need. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, he served as a vice president of sales with Georgia-Pacific Corporation, a Fortune 100 company at the time. A graduate of Princeton University and the Columbia Business School, Brian is a powerful motivational speaker that has mentored countless fellow professionals seeking to improve their personal and professional lives. Brian is also a former rap singer, which is evident in hip-hop sensibility with which he offers his message of self-discovery and self-determination. To learn more about Brian, please visit


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