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Facing Your Dragons In Life

Neel Raman

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Uh oh! Here comes the big one and you're up against it. This is the moment you’ve dreaded. Just when you thought you'd got some breathing space, you're faced with a battle against the very thing you're most afraid of.

It's the stuff of every story ever told about determination, quest for truth and the struggle for survival. It's the dark shadow that haunts us and challenges us to face it or escape to where we think it can't find us.

Epic tales of courage in the face of danger have always celebrated the overwhelming challenge faced by characters facing their own dragons and triumphing. Think of Frodo, in ‘The Lord of the Rings’, terrified that he will succumb to the power of the Ring. His fear stems from the knowledge that he is capable of being overcome and he knows that he must find it in him to resist what he fears so he can fulfil his greater purpose.

It's when he sees his fear for what it really is - an insubstantial shadow that cannot exist in the bright light of truth, that he understands that his own fear can only exist if he gives it substance and believes in it.

Remember the recurring theme in ‘The Matrix’? It portrayed that what we fear is an illusion and that the real battle is fought in our minds. The struggle is between what we firmly believe to be true and the reality of what is possible if we only let go of our preconceived ideas.

Like anger and fear, your dragons are simply imaginary constructs - and only by turning to face them can you truly unmask them for what they are.

Imagine this. Think of a set of stepping stones across the grass, and see yourself walking across them. And now imagine that they are towering pillars of concrete sunk into a deep river bed, with only the top surfaces visible above the rushing water. Think of how that changes your perception of what is dangerous and what is not. Isn't it only just fear that holds you back from crossing the river? The possibility that you may slip and drown?

Remember that your imagination can be your greatest friend or the most deceiving of enemies. And you can learn to overcome your fear of your biggest dragons when you use the power of your imagination to see things in a clear, bright light.

And remember that things are never what they seem to be. You can decide the meaning of any situation in your life. It is your choice.

Neel Raman, is an author, presenter, workshop facilitator and coach to many. He has written ‘Hoops and Freedom’, a powerful self-improvement book, in the form of an entertaining fiction story, targeted at those who want and demand more from life. To get the first chapter for FREE and to receive FREE motivational lessons, visit: To find out more about this book and to register to receive FREE newsletters and other FREE offers, visit:


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Beyond This Point - Dragons Or Success?
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