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Making Room to Welcome the New

Margo Kirtikar Ph.D.

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Whoever you are, wherever you are, if you feel stuck and in a rut, bored, tired and fed up with your life, then the time is ripe for you to roll up your sleeves and to take action, not tomorrow, not later but right NOW. Don’t make the mistake of sitting back brooding inviting depression to come in and don’t even think about expecting help to walk in through the door while you sit feeling sorry for yourself. Any action is better than no action to get the energy and your life rolling again.

The action you take depends on the circumstances of course. If your are out of a job, for example, trim yourself first, get ready physically, emotionally and mentally, look smart and energetic, be enthusiastic and have a positive mental attitude. Then get the papers or surf the internet for a job, make appointments and keep them and do not give up until you have found a job to give you some income and above all responsibility. If one plan doesn’t work try another, no matter, change your demands and expectations, change your approach but above all be patient, remain smart, energetic, enthusiastic and maintain your positive attitude expecting only good results. If you are a housewife, take the day off, get someone to take care of the kids for the day, take the phone off the hook, and focus on yourself. Do everything in your power to make yourself feel good, if you can fit in a hairdresser, a massage and the like then great but if you can’t afford that, then concentrate on what you have.

Clean the house, clear the clutter, get rid of old stuff, making some room for new things to come into your life, end the day with a face mask and a scented hot bath, then go out for a pizza or the cinema with the family. If you are alone and are longing to fall in love, then love yourself first, remember like attracts like, so if you take care of yourself and your mood, then you will attract that what you want to you. In this case forget old loves and throw old hurts out of the window, empty yourself and be prepared for a new love. Expect it as you go out and meet people you’ll be surprised how quickly it will come to you. If you are a business man or woman and fed up with the daily routine of work, take the day off, play football, go for a swim or to the movies in the middle of the afternoon while everyone else is working, do whatever makes you happy as long as it is different from the daily rut. You’ll be surprised how much it will energize you. If you don’t like your job take steps right away to change it. Every hour spent in a job you hate is wasted. Find something that you love to do. We all do best what we love to do. There is nothing more boring than to fall into a boring rut. Here’s a bit of advice that will surprise you. The moment you feel bored realize that you have yourself become a boring person. An interesting energetic enthusiastic person is never bored. And only YOU can change that.

The idea is this? to have new things come to your life you need first to get rid of the old and also to make some room for the new. This works physically, emotionally and mentally. Physically means literally clearing out cupboards, drawers, cabinets, of clothes and stuff, of letters, papers and files. Throw out what you have not used in over two years, get some air in and free some space so that you can receive new things again, be that clothes, jewelry or business projects. Emotionally you need to digest and clear out some negative emotions that you have been perhaps holding on to. All of us do that subconsciously we like to hold on to old pain. The thing is to become conscious of this and to get rid of old and negative emotions once and for all so that you are prepared emotionally to receive new friendships or love into your life. Mentally we do the same things. We hang on to habits and ideas that are not useful to us at all. Sometimes we hold on to thoughts and beliefs that are not even our own! Take a deep breath, rearrange your thinking habits and rid yourself of all this nonsense, let go so you feel light and free to accept the new.

This is how you stay young and agile. The secret to remain youthful in old age is to travel light through your life. No heavy emotional and negative mental baggage. No matter what social position we have in life, no matter what job or responsibilities we have, no matter whether we have wealth or not, no matter whether we are super intelligent or not, this basic law works the same for one and all. Learn to forgive, to let go, get rid of resentments. Spirit likes motion and expansion, it likes to move always onwards free and full of joy. Margo Kirtikar PhD Teleclasses, phone and e mail personal coaching.

Margo is a coach/psychotherapist/spiritual teacher/speaker. Her three books are about Change, metaphysics and Spiritual Laws. She coaches individuals by phone and e mail and hold teleclasses for international clients. She lives in Vevey Switzerland.


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