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It is a fact that the vast majority of people are so fearful of criticism from friends and family members that they allow fear to overcome them and destroy their dreams of success and the life they truly wish to live.

Think about that for a moment. People have a stronger fear of being criticized than a stronger desire to create a business that would bring them the success that they desire, the financial rewards they deserve and the life they truly wish to live simply because they are worried about what their friends and family might say and/or think about them.

Many people are too afraid of what others might say, think or both about them and because of this they will fail to act on their true calling and will never realize their full potential of the lives and as they get older they will look back on a life of what could have been and with regret.

These so-called friends and family members who chastise their friends or family members for going after their dreams are nothing more than modern day vampires. That’s right, modern day vampires. Instead of sucking the life out of you by taking your blood, they use criticism to suck the life out of you.

The reason they criticize you is that they do not wish to see a friend or family member succeed because when you do it will just remind them of how much they are miserable and not happy with their lives because they too probably failed to act on their dreams and they do not wish to see you do what they failed to do themselves. So they want you right there with them, miserable too. Remember misery loves company.

Now don’t get me wrong. There are plenty of friends and/or family members that will try to persuade you to take a safer more convenient way of making a living out of loving and caring for you and trying to protect you from disappointment, but the difference is that they will not try to stop you.

Big difference.

If you are going after your dreams and you should, you will need to say good-bye to the modern day vampires, the dream stealers, and let them find new company to be miserable with.

One thing is for certain, when you break from the pack and start living your life, calling your shots and having the success you know you can have and the financial rewards you deserve, three things are for certain to happen.

1. You will meet many like minded individuals like yourself that you will now find yourself associating with.

2. Those friends and family members that tried to protect you but did allow you to pursue your dreams and wished you luck will still be around as well they should be because they did truly care about your happiness.

3. Those so-called friends, well, I doubt they will show up since you are now successful and leading the life of your dreams and they are not wishing to have that staring back at them. They will most likely be resentful. Sad but true.

The ones that do show up, I would be willing to bet they will say five words, I wish I had too.

Do not allow fear of criticism from others stand in your way of attaining the life that you desire and deserve. Truth of the matter is, those that criticise you are the ones that are actually afraid. They are afraid that you will succeed and remind them of their shortcomings in their life because they too probably allowed criticism from others to stop them.

Break the cycle, go after your dreams.

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