A Healed World In Every Breath

Shawn Duyette

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In this miraculous new world in which we live there are those who believe that we have gotten, as a collective humanity, a little too big for our britches. Many feel humanity has created a stress inducing monster of a culture that surely will be the tipping point for another fall from health to a state of sickness and despair.

I am here to tell everyone that this fear is simply preposterous. We are descended from the infinite and being so there is nothing that man could create that could ever be too big, or overwhelming as to cause a decline of health and wellness. A single individual with enough focus has the ability to change the weather and influence the cosmos. How much more will our power grow when we see one another on the soul level rather than the level of thoughts and concepts. When we realize that we all have the same fears and love and dreams at a deep and common level, we will change the world overnight to a place of peace and tranquility.

We are what we most consistently focus on. What do you focus on with all your hearts intent that is harmonious with your awakening? If only for a moment you realize that compassion is in your heart there is nothing in creation that can take it from you ever.

We will heal the heart of the Earth with our thoughts and actions. Stay connected with your breath ever increasing it’s depth. Here is your power…use it wisely and for the good of all.

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Shawn Duyette is a martial artist of ten years. He has been trained in several energy healing modalites including reiki, quantum touch, and Native American energy healing. Shawn is also a Certified Hypnotherapist and massage therapist. He has been trained in herbology and Chinese medicine (acupuncture, shiatsu, tui-na bodywork) and is currently on sabbatical from medical school.

Shawn is a life long meditator who began meditating at a very young age sitting for hours in the woods of his suburban childhood home in the northeastern United States.

Shawn enjoys writing poetry and has been published as a poet with some of his works found at Poetry.com. Currently he is blogging for hypno-freedom.com and he is working on his first book which is aimed at sharing metaphysical principles with children.


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