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Quiet often when you ask people how they are doing, they don’t dare to say frankly that they are doing very well. A lot of people are afraid to react or talk to positive, because they think that by talking about prosperity might end this state of well being. But one who really believes that he is doing and feeling very well, who can say this without any undertone of disbelieve and can say this from within his inner being does not have to be afraid for any negativism. By being clear about positive thoughts or feelings and talking about them will create more positive situations in your life. Because thru your thoughts, feelings, conviction and the way you look you attract exactly the same. If you are not happy with the situation of your daily life, it is the trick to create what you really would like.

The more you transmit negativism about yourself, the more you will get this confirmed. Be careful with expressions like “ I am" such as “ I am sick “, or “ I am not successful", or “I am unhappy", because by expressing this situation you are actually creating the attraction of this situation which you actually don’t want. Positive affirmations have a far more better results, besides they give your inner self already a better inner feeling when you use them.

When people ask me how I am doing I often answer, healthy, happy and poor. I answer this as kind of a joke, however I do realize it is not the right expression to use even if you see it as a joke, just don’t use negative saying, because of the attraction. So now I answer I am doing very well I am healthy, happy and rich.

Sjef van de Laak


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You Can Create a New Day by Creating a New Reality
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