The First Step to Improving Your Life - Knowing What is Possible


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If you want to make improvements in your life a great place to start is to open your eyes to what is actually possible.

We are all basically wearing blinkers like a horse at a race track. If we live our lives only through our own experiences we miss so much of what this big and wonderful world has to offer.

Sadly we grow up believing that the way life has been for us is the only way it can be. If we grew up in a family who struggled with money, we will have a lot of beliefs about how hard it is to make money and have nice things in your life.

But the truth is for every belief you have about life there are thousands of others who have opposite beliefs. And so who is right? For you, you are right and for them they are right. And that is great news, it means that with an open mind and a bit of exploring you can change your beliefs to more empowering ones and thus you will start to see life differently and your life will change because of this. But we will talk more about beliefs at some other time, as they are not the focus of this article.

If you want a better life start by broadening your horizons. A great, easy and non-threatening way to start is to totally immerse yourself in success stories of others, read rags to riches stories, stories of people battling all odds and rising above it all, about others over coming the illness you have.

When you first start reading others stories you will probably find yourself saying - yeah that's fine for them but my situation is totally different, I couldn't possibly do what they did because of X Y and Z. And that is fine, pick up another one and start reading. What you are trying to is soak your subconscious mind in the world of possibility. We will also talk much more about the subconscious mind in other posts. But for now just know that your subconscious mind beliefs whatever it hears repeatedly. Your beliefs about yourself and your world are found in your subconscious mind - so if you keep reading success stories one day you will wake up and day WOW I can do this - I can go for it, I can be successful. And then your subconscious mind will start to show you thing and ways that you will actually be successful.

If you need a place to start head down to your library and look for some “Chicken Soup for the Soul" type books by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen. These are wonderful short stories with positive uplifting and heart touching messages. As each story is only a few pages long, you will be able to find the time to read one a day even if you are extremely busy. But be warned you may need your tissues for some of them, I know I always do.

If you don't have time to read grab some cd's or fill your mp3 player with positive messages and life changing stories. This way you can have them on in the background at home or while your driving or exercising. You don't even have to be concentrating on them, your subconscious mind picks up and remembers everything that is happening around you, so just playing means that they will be filtering into your mind.

So think about an area in your life you want to change and then go and read stories about those who have already made those changes and just keep reading - it is not that hard and then when day you will say YES and magic will start to happen around - but first you have to know what is out there, what is possible and what is possible for YOU.

Kerry-Ann is an author and student of life. She spent 11 years studying with a spiritual master and now uses her experiences and wisdom to help others live happier and more inspired lives. Join her at her blog


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