Gum Disease Requires Immediate Action

David Snape

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There exists a sad fact about human nature that few of us, if any, can escape. We like to procrastinate. We procrastinate both collectively and as individuals.

Have you ever noticed that people won't join together to accomplish something unless there is a strong and underlying driving force causing a need. For example, Americans banded together in a spirit of complete cooperation and patriotism for WWII.

When it comes to individuals working on their own, it is a bit more difficult. Becoming and staying motivated is a state that is hard to produce at will. I'm sure you know exactly what I mean and have multiple examples of your own.

We typically will get motivated when we have an overwhelming drive and multiple deep set reasons to accomplish a goal. If that fundamental base isn't in place, it will be a long uphill battle to get yourself or others to do something that requires sustained effort.

So how does this factor into fighting or preventing gum disease? Both require a lot of hard work. If you already have gum disease, you'll have to put in some effort to stop its progression. You'll also have to work hard to keep it from coming back.

Part of the motivation to overcome these obstacles should be the desire to save one's teeth. Gum disease is the number one cause of tooth loss. Preventing or fighting an existing case of gum disease is really the battle to save one's teeth. Some people talk about gum disease providing a pathway into the body for bacteria to cause additional problems too.

Does the kind of prevention that we are referring to involve brushing and flossing? They are important activities to be sure; but are they enough to stop gum disease from getting a foot-hold? The Mayo Clinic website says that up to 80% of adult Americans have gum disease. The numbers are probably equally high in other nations. In America we are obsessed with caring for our teeth. Yet, so many people are afflicted. If brushing and flossing were enough to prevent gum disease for most people, the Mayo statistic would have to be much lower.

So we have to be motivated to do the right things after finding out what they are. One of the problems is finding decent information along with the right tools and the knowledge of what to do with them.

I was told that I had gum disease. However, I wasn't told what I could personally do about it. Instead, I was given a treatment option by the dentist. I felt that I needed to do some research and see if there was some kind of home care that would be easier and more convenient to use. I was able to find a combination of tools that allowed me to check the progression of gum disease and prevent its return.

Get motivated. If you know you have gum disease take action right away. Measured by time, money and aggravation, treatments become more costly as conditions worsen. Visit your dentist for diagnosis and treatment if you have or think you might have gum disease or gingivitis.

David Snape writes for the website. Read more about gum disease and gingivitis there.


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