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Learning to leverage knowledge is an important step toward success. Recently I learned that people often leverage knowledge for the wrong reasons. Now, you might call me stupid, since it took me 47 years to learn that little secret of humanity, but… I dare say, there are many of you who haven’t learned it yet.

So, in short, what is your purpose in life?

Center our lives on God - we were created for His purposes, not our own, therefore we should center our lives on Him. We can achieve this through worship, meditation, and study. If our first words are words of praise for the day, we’ve begun our worship in the wee hours and set a foundation for strength and power in our day.

Connect with others - share our purpose and identify with others who have similar values. When we relate to others, we move further in our own goals. Most readily this is accomplished through church and Christian fellowship. When we identify other believers we give credibility to our own faith, strength to our development, and power to our lives.

Cultivate maturity - by developing a spiritual maturity and striving to become more like Christ, we obtain the virtues that will allow us to succeed in life. We develop good habits that encourage prosperity and offer a source of wealth to our lives.

Contribute to society - giving back something of what you get to society is a basic principle of living. Give to get. If you don’t give, how can you receive? It is in the giving that we do receive, for our gratitude is also a gift. Appreciation develops within those who understand the value of giving to others.

Communicate with others - through prayer and meditation we communicate with God, and we communicate with others through touch, talking, and spending time with them. When we learn to share our lives and communicate with others, we develop relationships that support our ministry or mission and living our dreams becomes a process of participating.

Once we sort out our purpose in life and understand the basis of our existence, the process of living our lives within the Mission of Purpose becomes simply a process of following the leader.

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In Search of Real Success - How to Create More Purpose in Your Life
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