You Gotta Have Passion

Andrew Rondeau

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Do you dread going to work on Monday morning? Are you one of those people who can't wait until Friday rolls around?

If you are, that's a good indication you hate your job and that you lack passion.

Being passionate about your job means not watching the clock. It means going the extra mile. It means being so engrossed in your work, you lose all track of time. It means being committed and professional at all times.

When you are passionate about what you do for a living you not only enjoy your job more, but you also get greater pleasure out of life. The two go hand in hand.

Would you like to be more passionate about your job? Here's the key:

Do more. Instead of being passive and going with the flow, be proactive. Do the little things at work that no one else is willing to do. Believe me. People will start to take notice - especially those in position of power.

Get more involved in those boring business meetings. Who says business meetings have to be boring? Why not spice things up with a joke of the day, or something else of a lighthearted variety. If you change your attitude and become more passionate, it will rub off and have a positive effect on others.

And you'll feel better about yourself, knowing that you are helping others feel better about themselves and their job. You will actually be an inspiration to people.

More importantly, when you develop passion, you'll get more done. You won't have to hide out in the bathroom, doing as little as possible, until it's time to go home. You won't have to waste time scheming about how to get out of an unpleasant assignment, because with your new attitude, there will be no such thing as an unpleasant assignment. Also, you won't be at work daydreaming about your upcoming vacation that's 6 months away.

When you are passionate about work you'll do a much better job. Why? Because your passion for your job won't let you settle for anything less than your best effort.

When you are passionate about your job, you'll put in your time and request even more hours. With your new found passion you won't be cheating your employer or co-workers. More importantly, you won't be cheating yourself. Your boss will love you and you'll start to get the great assignments (and more money!).

Need proof? Think about something you're really passionate about. Maybe it's a favourite hobby or sport. Maybe just hanging out with your friends. Whatever it is, take careful note of that feeling you're starting to get inside, just thinking about it. Now imagine how good you would feel if you could take that same passion and apply it to your workday - everyday.

In closing, try being more passionate and see if it doesn't make a profound difference in your life. Go ahead and try it. I guarantee you'll like it!

Andrew Rondeau is a leading Management & Leadership Strategist. Over the course of his 20 year management career Andrew has helped the personnel of many Blue Chip organisations to improve their skills, processes and approaches to achieve remarkable results.

Andrew is also the author of the ground breaking management ebook called ‘Accelerate Your Management Effectiveness’.

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