How To Silence The Chorus Of Naysayers In Your HEAD


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Dear Audacious Ones,

Okay. Here we are it's SPRING and all the promises you made to yourself to really ramp up your business, start a shape-up plan or begin that project you have been longing to do for so long have yet to materialize and you are feeling bad.

Is this the moment to get down on yourself and fall into a pity party?

Well? No. It is not.

This is the time to banish your IttyBitty Sh*tty Committee.
You know them.
The chorus of voices that says you are just a complete failure.
Perhaps you made a list of too many resolutions way back in December that were so unrealistic that they are impossible to live in to. Toss that list they are dragging you down.

Spring the season or renewal and rebirth is the time to revamp, renew and reconsider what you REALLY want.
Let's do it.

One thing that want to know is that the Itty Bitty Sh*tty Committee will run around in your head saying things like:
“Your are too old to be successful, too dumb, too fat, too poor, too tired, not educated enough, if your idea was any good someone would have done it already, who do you think you are anyway? it's never going to work, you don't deserve this, you are worthless, blah blah. " a
It is the Committee's job to keep you from getting your big dream because the committee is afraid. It's like having outdated computer software in a brand new MAC.

The IBSC can drag you down and stop you cold before you even get going.
It is IMPOSSIBLE to be Audacious when the Committee is running your life.
It is IMPOSSIBLE to be Irresistibly Attractive and Manifest anything when your the committee is running your show.

To short circuit the committee Daily affirmations and and one daily action step are absolutely essential.

Shut the committee up with Audacious Action and Affirmations.
whatever your Audacious intentions might be.

Here's how:
Step one. Notice your thoughts what the IBSC is saying to you when you go to take a step forward toward your big dream.

Step two. Create a daily action step and weekly goal that the action step is moving you toward.

Step three. Take your daily action step that will move you toward your goal, no matter what else happens that day, the action step is essential. Skip the Apprentice or American Idol if you have to. . . you must take the action step.

Step four. Use a daily affirmation such as, " I deserve this" “I am creative" “What I do matters"

Put your daily affirmation where you can see it.

Say it at least 10 times per day and silence the COMMITTEE once and for all.
Have fun.
Reward yourself.
Take a nice bubble bath.

The Committee hates that.

Take this Action Step Now.
Are you tired of being a scared-y cat?
Do you have great ideas but when you share them with your friends and family they say, “Oh that will never work!"
Be Audacious!

What are you willing to do to get the big dream?
How much longer are you willing to stand on the sidelines waiting for the perfect moment to get started?
Start right now.
Get a journal and celebrate all of your life accomplishments up to now. . . every single one.
No judging. Just celebrating.

Tell the Committee to get lost by showing it all of your successes large and small.
Go on.
Do it now.
A big Audacious hug to you for being willing to play.

Nancy Mindes is a Coach University trained professional Attraction Coach who has helped hundreds of clients since 2000. Nancy works with creative entrepreneurial women who want to be audacious and bold, live rich, play big and do good. She has been an executive in corporate America at such companies as Merrill Lynch, Elizabeth Arden and The Fashion Group International.

Her Audacious Confidence groups really help clients to ramp up their attraction quotient so they can play a bigger, audacious and prosperous game. Hire Nancy today if you want to make your work into profitable play.


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