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Paul Mobley

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Our longings can be simple ones or very complex. And they make up a part of our daily mood, our attitudes, and our performances. It is therefore well for us when we determine what all are, and what we are doing about them, from ridding ourselves of some, prioritizing the remainder, and then taking needed actions.

Remember when you were a child and you longed for that toy, or a bike, or these days it could be a computer or one of the many electronic devices available. Those kinds of longings never leave us, but they do change, and it is better for us when we identify them, and do something about them.

A basic longing of nearly everyone is heaven. You may think that longing is satisfied, but is it. That longing for Christians is resolved in the Bible. You can take care of it. No question.

What about other longings ?

Your health, for example. Do you think you are healthy ? What does your family doctor say ? Will following your current diet, exercise and sleep rest pattern keep you in good health ? Does your family doctor agree, and if yes, that longing is being taken care of in the best reasonable way that you and your doctor have found for you.

What about money ? There are two levels, or routes, concerning money. Number one is that you have more than enough. Now I am not suggesting that you stagnate at your present wealth and income, however if it is enough then you should have time for other pursuits such as a hobby, charitable work, writing, and other activities, and that style of life can be very rewarding. Number two is the pursuit of money, and/or position. Either one, or together, can also be rewarding. These involve other people, such as the company you work for, and your boss on a job. These efforts can be awry by consuming your life, risking health and relationships, and when that is the case it should be sensible to evaluate carefully that part of your life. Without health you have no life. Without those dearest relationships life can be miserable. Be objective about what you are doing, and then act or correct as needed.

Perhaps a business of your own is a longing. A brick and mortar store will cost 12 hours or more daily until you have it settled into a good profit business where you can hire others and still have an income acceptable to you. An online business will require a similar effort despite what others may say. Either kind of business is rewarding, and if you must have one, then go for it, but do it knowledgeably and perceptively. There are acknowledged experts in both areas, so make use of them.

There are many other longings that one can name, such as a nice house, fashionable furniture and clothes, all of which may be good. But remember that “keeping up with the Joneses" may bode ill for you. Determine what will satisfy your longing, not allowing others to rule what you do about them. Do what is best for you whether it us making a million dollars or just “enjoying the good life" that you can have now.

Longings can drive ne nearly crazy if allowed to do so. Evaluate each longing and determine if it is really what you want, or is it a passing fancy. Then get rid of those that mean little, and concentrate on those that are actually important, and then pursue them in knowledge and training.

You can do whatever you want to do, and do it successfully. But it is a terrible waste to achieve and find out it is not what you want. Evaluate and manage your longings. Choose the best and follow them.

Good hunting, and great success.

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