Motivation - Are You Sleepwalking Through Your Life?

Shauna Arthurs

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Hey You! Wake Up!!

Are you asleep in your life?

Sure, you’ll probably say no…most people would. But if the statistics are that most people are sleepwalking through life, would it not stand to reason that many people reading this article fall into that category? Actually, anyone reading articles like this is probably in the process of awakening, and is looking for answers to how to make their lives better and more powerful and enjoyable.

For your perusal, here is a list of common symptoms sleepwalking people exhibit:

* Frequent complaints of boredom and difficulty finding ‘things to do’
* No goals and no ambition; settling for ‘the way things are’
* Watching TV every night or all day…is there a spot on the couch that is shaped like your behind?
* No desire for physical activity
* Regular consumption of unhealthy, fatty and high-carb foods
* Finding entertainment in judging or talking about others
* Thinking the best days of your life are behind you
* Cynicism, especially when good things ‘happen’ to others
* Nothing has changed in your life or routine in quite some time
* Your friends support you no matter what you do
* You are just ‘putting in your time’, waiting for your retirement
* You cannot remember the last time you enjoyed a deep belly laugh
* You either have wildly fluctuating emotions or feel not much of anything most of the time
* One of your frequently used phrases is ‘Why bother?’
* This list depresses you instead of motivating you

For a little contrast, here is a list, just from my own observations, of what an awake, passionate and productive person looks like:

* Wakes up excited in the morning
* Enjoys an overall sense of joy in the present and anticipation about the future
* Feels the best is yet to come, and that they know they are creating an amazing future
* Does not anger easily and is tolerant of others
* Has goals and displays focus and momentum
* Sees possibility all around them and is always open to new views
* Usually fairly active physically
* Makes healthy choices because they want to have lots of energy to accomplish their goals
* Less willing to talk negatively about others and takes joy in the accomplishments of others
* Loves to learn and find new ways to think and do things
* Favorite phrases include ‘How can we do that?’ and ‘Let’s try that!’
* Routine varies and likes to try new things
* Conversely, displays consistency with activities that are important to them

Of course these are opposite ends of the spectrum, and we may all exhibit a little of both. The questions I would ask you here are: Which person would you rather be around, and which type of person would you rather BE? Your natural response will tell you which category you mainly live in. Of course there is nothing ‘wrong’ with this. Everything is a choice, and we are all entitled to our own choices.

If, however, you feel you’d like to be accomplishing more and squeezing more joy out of your life – maybe grabbing some of that good for yourself instead of watching others get it – then you are awakening. It’s a fun process – enjoy the ride!

For a little does of motivation, try Daily Motivation , a huge and growing archive of motivational and inspirational articles.

Shauna Arthurs is a writer/editor, Prosperity Coach and Co-founder/Owner of a network of web-based businesses, including Breathing


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