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Bonnie Ramsey

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Ok, so you have started a business and you are all fired up and ready to go! You have read all about the business, learned all the proper procedures, written out your goals and and all the plans that you have to build your business. So, why aren't you getting anywhere?

You become frustrated and start thinking that the company is a scam because you have been in for a month and haven't made any profits or gotten any recruits! But why are you REALLY not getting anywhere? Could it possibly be that you have taken every step you should except for the actual actions?

So many times you see people go full force into a business and they somehow believe that the business will grow and prosper just because they have put their mindset where it should be focused. . . . . on success. However, they haven't taken any physical action to make those goals happen.

While there may actually be telepathic people out there who can read your mind, it is highly unlikely that many of them will be beating your door in to join your team! I know you have heard the saying that “actions speak louder than words". They also speak louder than goals written on a piece of paper!

So what exactly is holding you back? Fear? The only way to get out of that fear is to take steps to face it. That will be a lot easier to do if you realize that the “no's" that you receive is not a personal reflection on you. It simply means that they are not interested in what you are offering. And it may not even be a permanent “no". It may simply mean “not right now". Some of these “no's" may actually call you later and ask for more details.

What else is your “ball and chain"? Time? Maybe you work a full time job and have small children at home. Picture this concept: If you keep doing exactly what you are doing right now for the next 10 years, then 10 years from now, you will still be exactly where you are today. Is this your goal?

You say you want a change. That is great! But the only way that a change will take affect is through a different “ACTION". You can't set a goal and say you want something and expect to reach that goal without the action required to get you there.

So get up, grab your list of goals and take action! People who think they have no time at all to build their own business are the people who are desperately in need of it! If you put in a few extra hours now, you will have years of extra time in the future to do the things you WANT to do instead of what someone tells you that you “MUST" do!

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Bonnie Ramsey
Independent Representative for Scent Sations, Inc.

About the author: Bonnie resides in a small town in Mississippi, where she is a recruiter in her business, coaching and teaching others to build a home based business. She writes articles, short stories, poetry and publishes a monthly newsletter. You can subscribe to her newsletter, Business Scents at http://www.businessscents.biz/Subscribe.html You may reprint this article provided that all author bio and links are kept in place.


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