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Weaknesses or Strengths, What Says You?


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Feeling unhappy over yourself? Hating yourself for who you are?

Why must you be feeling so? To just be very straight with you, this is the act of a fool

Now, even if the whole world is going to look down on you, you should never look down on yourself. The more they are going to look down on you, the more you should prove yourself to them, isn’t it? And I am sure your family and many other loved ones would never ever look down on you. So the more you shouldn’t let them down, isn’t it?

Understand this. Strength or a weakness of yours, which is going to be which, is still too early to be deciding now. For all you may know, your weaknesses may just become your strength and your strength, your weaknesses to become. In life, there is not definite power, not definite rights or wrongs. What that matters is how you are going to put to use what you have within yourself.

You see. One who excel in his or hers studies doesn’t necessarily mean he or she is just going to do well in life. In fact, they are indeed many top students who fail badly in life when they enter the working society.

Yes. They have the strength, that High IQ to absorb all those profound theories taught in school, getting straight As for all their exams. They are very good at putting theories of others into their head. And because they scored As for them, they believe and insisted that they are the correct way to doing things. They failed to understand that what is success for others may not just be success for everyone. Stubborn in a way, you can say.

And because of their excellent academic result, they got straight into high position in big companies. The higher they just climbed. And when they eventually failed, they fall so badly that they couldn’t pick themselves up; failing just further to perform to expectations of their job. Some were given another chance but some, sadly to say, got laid off. This is how practical and realistic this world can be.

What may seem a strength to them at first has turned out to one big weakness.

Remember. The correct idea of learning is to understand and put to practical use of the knowledge to life and through experiences, constantly customizing them to suits you. In simple, to be flexible.

Yes, you may have failed for now. But that doesn’t mean you are going to fail forever. And let’s just be frank, this is definitely not the first time you encounter failure in life? And you are still surviving, isn’t it? Meaning to say, you have that subconscious will and determination within you not wanting to just give up. In a way, you have been very strong. Think about it. Stubbornness can be either a strength or weakness. To stubborn to learn to give in and accept changes in life, that is a weakness. Being persistent in pursuing your goals and never giving up easily, that is strength.

What your character make out of you depends on how you actually put them to use.

The laziest person can become the best salesperson, excelling in an area where tedious hands-on work is at minimum. A person who can never wake up in time for the normal 9 to 5 job can choose to work as a freelancer, performing better in the hours which suits him. A bankruptcy can become the best motivator, sharing his or her precious experience with the youngs. A little child who never fail to explain his way through for his mischievous and wrongdoing may just become a good lawyer when he grow up.

And there is definitely more.

Stop hating yourself. There is certainly that very something special inside of you waiting to be discovered by you, something that could bring about that difference to your life…

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