Overcoming That Fear Within You


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Fear has always been part of our life. It is something that we can never escape from. It is an emotional feel of uneasiness and I must say that it is the most destructive of all among human emotions.

But understand this. Without fear, we wouldn’t have been who we are today. Think about it. Without the fear of you falling sick from your wailing during when you were still a baby to what your future will be when you grow up, your parents would not have painstakingly provided you with all that love and care, education and guidance, nurturing you to be someone great – who you are today. Likewise, it is from your experiences of the fear you have encountered in life that you learn to be wiser. I suppose you know that playing with fire can be dangerous?

Nonetheless, it is with fear that comes courage.

How can we overcome this fear anyway? To do so, we have to first get to the core of the problem. And what would that be? That would without doubt be you yourself, your very mind up there in your head.

You see. Our mind controls all of our emotions and emotions are what that trigger our decision and actions in life. It can bring about a very powerful and yet also a very destructive force. And what would that be, constructive or destructive? That would really very much depend on you.

You might not have realized this. In our sub-consciousness, we have always been putting in our very thoughts and belief into our mind, programming it to work in a way towards our beliefs. Both positive or negative these beliefs can be but to be just saying, most of the time they are negative.

Very often, most of us have this tendency to think in the negative way. We tend to put images of failure into our mind before things really happen. In a way, it is like we have already decided and told ourselves that we are not going to make it. With such a thought in mind, we tend to just feel lost and become worried and at such an emotional stage, fear would just naturally come into the picture.

But if you were to think about it, has things really happened? No, isn’t it?

So why create this unnecessary fear? Why put an obstacle in front of you where there isn’t any at all? Are there too little of them for you? You have to understand this. In the end, you may very likely make the stupidest mistake that you, in your normal mind, would never have made. Is all these unnecessary fear worth it?

Why not work things the other way round? Instead of thinking in the wrong direction, think towards the positive. Put in images of victory into your head instead. I don’t suppose it would cost you anything to think positively? But to be thinking negatively it will definitely cost you.

Now understand this. Fear is something that never exists. To begin with, it wasn’t even there. You are the one who actually created it. So, if you can create fear you can certainly destroy fear too. It is just all in your head.

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