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Stop smoking hypnosis is one of the natural aids to stop smoking. The theory behind it is that the mind has power over the body and by using suggestions, positive affirmations and actual hypnotherapy sessions, the mind can help you quit smoking.

While the addiction to smoking is undoubtedly physical, the mind is very powerful and can be programmed to overcome the physical addiction aspects until the nicotine levels in the body has reduced.

How does stop smoking hypnosis work?

Find a reputable hypnotherapist in your area that specializes in helping people to stop smoking. You will go to a number of sessions. Depending on their specific way of working (hypnotherapists have different methods and focus points that they use to help the smoker stop smoking) they might either concentrate on the future - where the smoker is encouraged to visualize him/her-self as a non-smoker; or on the past to highlight the reasons why you started smoking. In all cases however, the smoker is encouraged to think positively and to believe that he can stop smoking.

By focusing repeatedly on the benefits that will result when he stops smoking, the smoker's mind gets conditioned to the idea. The mind has no way of distinguishing between the truth and falsehood. If you tell your mind repeatedly that you are non-smoker, the subconscious will take this to be true and will rebel against the act of smoking.

The task of the hypnotherapist is to lead the smoker through the sessions and help to establish these positive thoughts in the subconscious. It is very likely that more than one session is required, depending on the progress made. The smoker might also be given a CD that carries stop smoking messages. The entire idea is to reinforce the benefits of giving up smoking.

The hypnotherapists argue that withdrawal symptoms are caused mainly by conditioned responses. The smoker does not make an honest attempt to give up smoking because he consciously believes that it is very difficult to give up smoking. That is why there is no guilt involved when a smoker fails in his attempt. His mind tells him that it was a difficult proposition, and pats him for at least trying.

The hypnotherapist tries to break this mindset by generating new conditioned responses that are positive, and give the smoker the confidence to give up smoking. In a hypnotic procedure more emphasis is laid on the psychological healing of a person rather then physical. The hypnotherapist will point out the benefits of not smoking during the time you are in a state of trance. When the smoker comes out of the trance, his mind is conditioned to avoid cigarettes and he will not experience any withdrawal symptoms.

If you don't want to formally visit a hypnotherapist, you might want to take a look at Allen Carr's book - ‘The Easy Way To Stop Smoking’. This book literally hypnotises you as you read through it and the success rate to stop smoking by using this book is very high. It might turn out to be a cheaper option and might be as effective as trying to use formal stop smoking hypnosis methods.

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