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Do you know that nicotine addiction is as hard to break as heroin or cocaine addiction? Studies shows that 95% of the smokers, who quit from smoking without taking any help remains, fail and go right back to smoking. They quit themselves and then go back to smoking, only themselves.

Several times of failure becomes more hard for them to quit smoking and then they make a belief that they can't leave smoking.
And from here's the story begins. . .

Why Do You Tend To Smoke
Every smoker has a different reason for smoking. I was also a smoker and my reason was my friend circle and with them I was also became a smoker unconsciously. When I interrogating myself, I found the reason and the solution also and then I left the company of smokers and avail the hypnosis solution to get out from the addiction. I have asked for many peoples that what they have their reason for smoking? Some says just for fun, some are addicted, some have so much money and they are used to getting whatever they want so they are smoking, some suppose cigarettes as a friend, some finds pleasure in smoking, some don't get sleep in night without smoking and for some it's a source of removing mental conflicts that's why they are smoking.

If you give it a look here so you'll find one thing common here is that “Tendency" the human belief and when you make this belief that by doing this, you will get this and that. . . You begin doing so, either it is bad for you. Same thing applies here, you have made a belief that's why you are smoking for nothing. It's just a stupidity that you are doing it continuously and this is the reason that you tend to smoke. . . How Hypnosis For Quit Smoking Can Help You Hypnosis is the very effective tool for changing or making the belief. You are unconsciously in hypnosis while smoking already which is affecting your health, so why don't you do it consciously which will make you out from this bad addiction.

One thing I really love about hypnosis is that, it works from the root of the problem. Your mind has been conditioned from the years that smoking gives pleasure, and you feel so, while smoking, but it's not like that. You are getting what you believe that you will get from your mind while smoking.

Right now your unconscious mind is focused on smoking, it demands for a cigarette, and you have to change this belief of your mind by “hypnosis for quit smoking", if you want to come out of this bad addiction. During this process we will recondition your mind by implanting the suggestions into your subconscious mind which will change you slowly- slowly from smoker to ex-smoker. Mind it, Hypnosis is the process where the chances is less to fail if you do it intensely and in a right way, then I can assure you that it will change your life.

The Deep Breathing Method
This method is very interesting and I have found it very useful in releasing all types of tensions and addictions. This method works as a revitalizer in you. Whenever you feel a desire to smoke (even a little one) you just close your eyes and start taking deep breathing. While exhaling, visualize that your body is releasing all the tensions and then when you inhale visualize that you are getting very light and relaxed with each breath. This will kill your every mental conflict with the desire of smoking. This is the very ancient method of yoga and meditation. Works in various things and also this is one of the best relaxation techniques .

My Best wishes. . .

Hi, I'm from India and people call me Cheetu. I'm 28 years old and for me, self hypnosis is my passion. From fourteen years, I have been interested in this area of “HIDDEN POWERS OF MIND". I've tried each and every thing to tap hidden powers of my mind like yoga, tantra, mantra, meditation, affirmation, kundalini, fasting, breathing techniques, self hypnosis and about everything you can imagine. Now I own a website http://www.cheetu.com

and providing customized solutions to their unique problems by self hypnosis.


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