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If you’re self-employed like me, regular “punches in the face" can do you some good.

To keep yourself on point.
To keep yourself motivated.
To keep yourself accountable.

And here’s the good news: the perfect resource to accomplish these goals is right before your eyes.

Your office walls.

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been obsessed with wall decorations. From my house growing up to my college apartments to my present office, “no white space” has always been my motto. (I even lost my deposit once because the landlord complained that when I moved out I left behind “hundreds of holes. ”)


But from a self-motivational standpoint, covering your office walls with personalized, vibrant and positive decorations can actually help you become more successful.

Here are a few suggestions:

Take a few of your biggest, most important goals. Post them nice and big - right in front of your face! Make sure they’re inescapable from your eyesight so you HAVE to look at them at least three times a day. Odds of you accomplishing your goals will triple. Promise.

Mission Statement.
The one (and only) thing I took away from The Seven Habits was the section about creating a personal mission statement. Years later, I still keep my PMS posted to the left of my door. That way I see it every time I leave. I suggest you do the same.

Every time an article of mine appears in a print publication, I hang a copy on my wall. Not because I’m an egomaniac, but because surrounding myself with visual reminders of small victories builds confidence. So, think back to your three best accomplishments from the past year. Find some way to represent them visually, and stick ‘em up there!

These are the perfect tools (er, words) to keep you motivated. Go see my friends at Quote Garden for some great material. Then grab a few of those giant sticky notes and post several of your favorite one-liners around your office.

First, think about the most important questions you need to be asking yourself regularly. Then make posters, dry erase boards or signs and hang them high. Be sure they can be seen from across your office. Possible suggestions are, “What did you write today?” “How many calls did you make today?” and “Is what you’re doing right now consistent with your #1 goal?”

“Act as if you already are the person you want to become and you will eventually become the person you want to become, ” said my mentor. So, think about your long-term goals and dreams. Maybe it’s to own a beach house. Or to achieve a senior-level position. Or to secure an appearance on Oprah. Or to be featured on the cover of a magazine. Whatever your goal is, you MUST actually, physically, literally, create an image of having already achieved it. Hell, sneak into the CEO’s office and take a picture of yourself sitting in her chair if you have to! I don’t care. Just do it. I know it sounds ridiculous. But trust me. When your goal comes to fruition, people won’t be laughing - they’ll be applauding.

Look. I know it seems like a lot of stuff to hang on your wall. But why not? It’s just empty space. You may as well cover it with something productive.

OH, AND HERE’S THE BEST PART: next time a customer or coworker comes into your office, they’re gonna stop and look around.

And they will be amazed.

Because you’ve visually PROVED to them that you’re dedicated to success.

What's on your wall?

Email me with your best decoration-motivation ideas!

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Scott Ginsberg, aka “The Nametag Guy, " is the internationally recognized author of four books, including “The Power of Approachability" and “How to be That Guy. " He delivers speeches and publishes online learning tools that help businesspeople make a name for themselves - one conversation at a time. He can be reached at 314/256-1800 or email scott@hellomynameisscott.com .


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