The Spiritual Side of the Shootings at VA Tech

Claudia McNeely

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My heart goes out to all of those touched by the shootings yesterday at VA Tech. I ask the Angels to be with each person involved and their families to assist them through this trying time.

As the mother of a son about to enter college, the shootings at VA Tech have had a deep impact on me. The thought of my child being involved in such an incident is terrifying. We expect our young adults to be safe at all times, and it is a slap in the face when we realize they are not as safe as we thought.

I asked my Guides to explain to me why this incident happened. This is the response I received from Areal, formerly known as my daughter Samantha.

It must be remembered that all of the Souls involved agreed to share this experience. They each signed up for a role in this amazing play. They each had their part to play, their job to do, their sacrifice to be made to the greater good. It is hard to understand when something like this happens that it is for the greater good, but that is always the case. These beautiful Souls agreed to have this experience so that the World could get a glimpse of the state our Collective Consciousness at this time in history.

The children of the World are not being honored. They are being starved, killed in wars, raped and murdered. All of this goes on daily, but no one pays attention. No one thinks about how many children starve daily in Africa. No one thinks about how many children are killed in the Iraq war. No one pays attention to the news stories in the US about children who are raped, abused and murdered. Those who read the news stories think to themselves “Oh, how horrible. ” but nothing is done to protect our children.

This incident is an attempt to get Humanity to pay more attention to the children, protect them and honor them. This is your future and you are allowing them to be treated with dishonor. How can you have a bright future when you are allowing the Light of these children to be extinguished?

This incident has another purpose also. Humanity is on a path to destruction at this time. The Collective Consciousness of humanity does not honor humanity, the Earth or even life itself. The Collective Consciousness is focused on removing as many rights from humans as possible. The Collective Consciousness wants more control, more laws, more government. Instead of bringing humanity together into One World built on Love, Light and Peace; the Collective Consciousness of humanity prefers to bring this One World built on fear.

This incident will allow the removal of more freedoms. Cameras will now be placed on all college campuses. There will be less freedom for the students. They will be watched and controlled. They will be fed more and more fear until they are overwhelmed by the fear.

People who are filled with fear are easy to control. They will give away their freedom without a second thought. They will follow instructions ‘for their own good’. They will cease to be Self Realized Individuals and become one of the many, one of the masses, one of the sheeple.

It will take much effort on the parts of the Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children to stay within their power. These beautiful Souls are here to attempt to change the Collective Consciousness. This event will make their role a bit more difficult. These Souls will have to remember what they are here for. They will have to remember always who they are and not allow the Collective Consciousness to turn them into what they are not.

This event is showing those of the Light how important it is that they come together and create safe areas for the beings of Light. There is strength in numbers, and by joining together in communities of Light, they will become stronger. This has been foretold, and even attempted by the hippies, but so far has not succeeded. The time is now for a way to be found to succeed. These communities must be formed and created now. The beings of Light need a place where they will be safe and nurtured.

The beings of Light who are now on the Earth must stand in their power and take over their World. They must put their energy into changing the Collective Consciousness to a consciousness of Love instead of a Consciousness of fear.

It is very important that those of the Light send thoughts and feelings of Love into the Collective Consciousness daily. Bombard this Collective Consciousness with as much Love as you can create as often as possible to change it from a Consciousness of fear into one of Love. This is why you are on Earth at this time. This is your purpose. Do not ask what you purpose is, it is to fill the Collective Consciousness with Love so that humanity can make this needed energy shift from fear to Love. This is how you will Ascend. This is your reason for being on Earth at this time. Do not allow this vital mission to fail.

In the Light,


Rev. Claudia McNeely DD is a gifted and caring Psychic/Healer. With the assistance of Angels, Guides and Master Healers, she will tell you exactly what she sees and feels instead of what you want to hear. Her Clairvoyant Readings are very accurate and insightful. She can help you to understand where you are, where you want to be and how to get there.

She provides accurate Psychic Readings and Alternative Healing using the assistance of Guides, Angels and Master Healers. She is certified in many healing modalities including Reiki, Hypnotherapy, and Emotional Healing. She has experience in Shamanic Healing, Transpersonal Counseling, Past Life Therapy, Entity Removal, House Cleansing and much more.

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