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Shauna Arthurs

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According to a recent blog post of my business partner, I am a proponent of a balanced life. . .

Her comment took me by surprise, and I chose to examine my reaction. Perhaps when I hear the word ‘balance’ the cliche of trying to balance work, family, personal pursuits, etc.comes to mind, and this is NOT what I am all about. . . so oddly her comment rubbed me the wrong way.

What I AM about is having it ALL. How many times every day, all our lives, have we heard things like ‘Do you want to have fun, or do you want security?’ ‘Do you want passion with a guy who is broke, or to marry a boring guy who will take care of you?’ ‘Would you rather have a job that pays you decently and participates in a pension plan, or take the HUGE risk of losing it all and follow your heart?’. . . What kind of messages are these, and where did they come from?? Why can't I have passion AND security? Follow my heart AND make a ton of money and never worry about finances again? Why can't I be wealthy, have a wealthy guy or guys if I so choose and feel secure, have lots of fun and adventure? Have amazing friendships with people of all ages and learn and explore until the day I die?

Settling for anything less in life than what is really in my heart is, to me, a true prison and a waste. While I understand and respect those choices and can see how they are made, I myself have a passion for growth, learning, adventure, and freedom that do not allow me to stay in one place for long. As you might expect, this affects my most personal adult relationship/s, in that I will never settle for anything that is less than wonderful and full of growth, and will either work to make/keep it passionate and fun or will leave it. . .

Until recently, I have always somehow felt deeply WRONG or defective for all of this wanderlust. . . but why should I be shamed of who I am?. . . I'm not a soccer Mom, although I am an amazing mother to my little girl - I expect I understand and support her dreams more than many parents who are more ‘traditional’ - I NEVER tell her she CAN'T. Instead she hears ‘OK, let's figure out HOW. . . '

We are all about pursuing our dreams and living full, passionate lives at Breathing Prosperity. There is no need to sacrifice anything for anything else, ie. love for money, because the Universe is abundant - there is more than enough for everyone. Create for yourself LOTS of everything you want - money, resources, generosity, love and kindness, amazing relationships, powerful experiences, security - whatever it is you value.

I just felt a need to share today and perhaps have you ask yourself the following: If you have dreams you are not reaching and are unsure of why, is it possible your underlying belief systems conflict with what you say you want? Are you wishing for financial abundance, yet holding on to the ‘security’ of a job that will never make you rich? What can you do today to change your perspective to that of the YOU in your dreams? What can you let go of?. . . Grab on to? Give more commitment to, or release?. . . Food for thought. . .

This is excerpted from the Breathing Prosperity blog - updated daily!

Shauna Arthurs is a writer/editor, Prosperity Coach and Co-founder/owner of several web-based businesses, including Breathing Prosperity as well as the Wealthy Women Foundation for struggling women.

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Law of Attraction - Attraction with Rituals and Mind Power
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